Friday, 12 July 2013

Angelababy & Lily Collins

I recently watched the Snow White movie 'Mirror Mirror' with main lead Lily Collins. And just then I was reading some online news and Angelababy showed up and I had a strange feeling. I finally realised what it was, I really think they have some similarity. They're like the Caucasian/Asian versions of each other. I have found similarities between Caucasian and Asian celebrities before as well like Ian Somerhalder and Kevin Cheng. Disagree? I understand if heaps of people disagree as they don't look too similar, it's just certain aspects that make me think of the other actor/actress when I see them, maybe a personal thing that no one else sees. But I googled it and there are some out there who think Angelababy and Lily Collins look similar.

I don't know. I don't really see the similarities when I put them together but I can feel it when I look at them individually. I think it's something to do with their smile.

But anyway, I love both of them. I have a new girl crush on Lily Collins. Her eyebrows, hahaha, are amazing! She is so pretty! I love her dark hair.

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Lily Collins
Ain't she gorgeous? She really does have amazing eyebrows!

On a different note!! I am so happy right now because results from university are out and I was expecting no high distinctions whilst hoping for at least 1 high distinction. My life's motto: "hope for the best but expect the worst". But even my hopes were blown, I ended up having TWO HD's. I thought I would have ruined my uni goal (at least 2 HD's every sem) but I haven't!! Up to now, I have had exactly 2 HD's out of 4 units every sem (completed 3 semester of uni so far). Great end to the night, along with a hilarious talk on the phone with 'the boy', we were doing work outs over the phone like push-ups and plank exercises. Scared to fall in love but he's drawing me closer every night with every phone call.    

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