Monday, 24 September 2012

Angelababy Inspiration

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Angela Yeung Wing (born February 28, 1989), popularly known by her stage name Angelababy, is a model and actress from Hong Kong. Her stage name came from the combination of her legal given name "Angela" and her nickname her family gave her "Baby". 

The following pictures were all taken from her Weibo, the Chinese version of Facebook/Twitter (more like twitter I would say). Click to enlarge the pictures since it's the post is so long, I don't want to make the images too big. But enjoy the spam :)

Love the red lips and eye-makeup, especially the winged eyeliner

Gorgeous hair

Gorgeous body, with a height of 168cm!

Classy and sweet

Love the false eyelashes, so long and doll like, also the colour of her lips.

Chanel earings <3 so classy. Love the tired back hairdo, and the eye-makeup as always

Mature look with the all white and the pearls but with a touch of girliness with the flowers

I want a simple black cap too now...

cute frames

cute bag :D

Classy and elegant! Love her bun

red lip + curls = seduction

classy again, I really love her tied back hair looks

Gorgeous eye makeup for inspiration!

winged eyeliner and red lips <3 Fierce!

Cute, love the blue! And the eye-makeup again <3 She seems to have the same makeup look for her eyes

Old Hollywood Glamour! Lovvve

Makeup inspiration. Love the falsies again! Flawless skin!

Loveeee the dress, so high fashion! What a beautiful model

breakfast at tiffany's? Love the bangs

Red with blue. Nice simple hair!

With Pharrell Williams for advert

innocent look

Thicker eyeliner this time, more doll-like

Mature and classy, my favourite look for her. Love the hair!! Must try

Nice shoes! Pointed gold tips seem really popular lately

Sleep hairdo.

Gorgeous body? Or too skinny? I think slightly too skinny. She's like a toothpick so easy to snap. O-O

Lovely eye-makeup, I keep posting these up cause she always has such lovely looks for her eyes.

Eye makeup inspiration. Looks like she used gloss for the glossy eyelid look. Seen it around a few times, but seems really difficult/messy to achieve.

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  1. Oh god, she looks like a princess from a fairy tale. She has such a beautiful and enchanting face! I will start take a look at news about her :)
    Thanks for give us to know those gems of your country (?). You look to be very proud of people of your country and I understand it. I feel the same about people of my country, and I'm so happy when I see they have sucess in their careers and people recognise that. It's an amazing feeling!
    Beijinhos :)

  2. Haha, proud. Never thought about it that way. I guess I am. But I'm mostly interested in them because it's easy to get inspiration from them from fashion to make-up because we'll have more similarities, both being Asian. But that being said, I am proud whenever some Chinese/Asian celebrity gets recognised in the Western world/industries such as Hollywood or the music industry :) It is a great feeling!


    i think as a model, they're sort of required to be toothpick skinny because photos tend to make you look 5kg heavier than your normal weight :/


  4. totally agree! She is gorgeous (even though there are rumours she's completely plastic)

    I think being toothpick skinny is good for models who don't know how to move their body? Cause modelling is more than just wearing good clothes, having makeup up and making elegant poses, they have to be poses that distort the way the body looks on camera, i.e a contortionist, models are often described as contortionists.