Sunday, 29 July 2012

More Gorgeous Dress Designs

This time instead of creating designs for just anything that comes into mind, I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to create a collection, something that runway designers do where all the pieces from the one collection have similar aspects. Here I've drawn six pieces for two separate collections, 'unnamed'. 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Miss Korea 2012 & Plastic Surgery

So here's what has surfaced, Miss Korea 2012 Kim Yu-mi has openly admitted to plastic surgery, and apparently it was to her whole body (however I was unable to find credible sources to prove this) but she definitely admitted to having untaken plastic surgery.

She also added: "I knew my old photos would turn up, but I was shocked the newspapers made it sound like I had claimed to be a natural beauty," said Kim. "I never said I was born beautiful." Let me say, she sure is a beauty. A beautiful, sweet, kind-looking girl and I think it's this deceiving factor that annoys me. I first read about this online and thought well she doesn't deserve to win at the pageant then. 

I have been raised by my mother to appreciate natural beauty, even make-up is rarely used, only for special occasions and events, never casually. But over the past year I have started to have an open mind and attempted to understand why people would go under the knife as well as why was I so against it. I've realised that those who have plastic surgery FEEL THE PAIN. It's not like they just hand the doctor the money and 'walah', magic, now you are perfect. They have to sacrifice something to gain something, so why hate? If they think it's worth it, the money + time + pain... then why not let them be?

So I've been having a mini battle, no, actually, a giant frenzy of conflicting thoughts, in my mind trying to take a side. And I still can't. Those who go through it deceive people with their looks, a man will marry a woman thinking that her beauty is natural only to realise that his wife gives birth to an ugly child. Then what? Will the mother make the child go through the same pain she did just to get the same looks (as it is in Korea nowadays)? When will this cycle of pain end? Make-up is deceiving too, but at least there's no pain involved. (Hence this 'pain' argument works FOR and AGAINST plastic surgery).

Before Plastic Surgery: even if there are not credible sources to prove that she has done it to her whole body, she has done quite a lot to her face. These are high school photos and she's currently 21 so a lot has changed in little time for any of it to be natural. 
My mum, being the all natural promoting type of woman has recently been persuaded by some friends and my father, her husband, to undergo minor surgery to get rid of the dark bags under her eyes. Despite not having done anything yet, I had to admit I was slightly shocked. After all she stood for. And what has shocked me even more was that my father asked me if I wanted plastic surgery!!! How my world turned upside down. At least my mum told me not to do it because she explained that bone restructuring is completely different from cutting skin from underneath her eye, and I do agree that one is minor and the other is major. 

But my father? How could you?! I'm not angry at him at all, not angry at all that what he asked directly suggested I kind of, just possible, definitely, needed it. I already know my nose isn't perfect, I know it's flat and round and unattractive. But I've seen worse noses and I have learned to deal with it in a natural way, wearing complimenting glasses and using makeup techniques for special events. Plus I'm too much of a chicken to go under the knife and wake-up having something that's not mine, in me.
So on the basis of ordinary people, plastic surgery is acceptable in my book of morals. But Kim Yu-mi is no ordinary girl. She was a contestant of Miss Korea and is now Miss Korea 2012, representing Korea in Miss Universe. I never realised until now that pageants didn't disqualify contestants who had undergone plastic surgery... and this is just a completely new level of disgust from me towards plastic surgery.      

Friday, 20 July 2012

Taylor's Style in MV 'Both of Us'

MTV goes through the TEN outfits that Taylor flaunts in her new music video with B.O.B for 'Both of Us'. Which one's you favourite? Out of the crazy ten outfits, my top three are these:


This look is so cheeky and feminine. The sheer short-sleeved cropped blouse over a floral top is my absolute favourite! Crop tops are so in trend right now and the see-through blouse if perfect for people like me who don't want to show too much. It's ultra fem!  


I love printed tops with skirts, so vintage :)


Denim shorts (which you can't see here) with an off-the-shoulder jumper and flower print tank top. So cute and casual.

See the music video below:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another Girl Crush: Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei is a female singer and actress from Hong Kong. Here's a photo of her:


Guess how old she is.... she has such a baby face she could pass as a teenager, but truth is, she's way pass her teens. She was born on August 11, 1981, which makes her 30 right now! YES, she's 30! Unbelievable right? 

Here's a short biography from wiki, the lazy way:
Fiona Sit attended Island School and studied Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong until 2004. She used to be a part-time model, shooting for adverts and magazines.
Owing to her uncle Peter Wong, who was Senior management in Capital Artists, she had the opportunity to have a test and finally signed a deal withWarner Music Hong Kong to be an artist.

Her songs are really diverse too, some really cute and fun, some emotional, and some really mature and edgy. 

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Black Kicks

I'm pretty sure I have posted these photos up, but I can't seem to find them on my blog. Which only means that I have not in actual fact done so. These were back to my last holiday to Guangzhou when I dyed and permanently curled my hair. My body seems out of shape compared to back then. Need to go exercise more often now, to get my health back on track, not just my size.

My mum didn't like the dress but I liked it at the time, seeing this photo, I love it even more. You don't know what you could have had until it's gone... :'( 

Versace for H&M!

Was only $80 at H&M in Guangzhou! Why didn't I get them??? I'm such a saver... Seeing those photos, I still miss them. But $80 for a casual-working 16 year old girl was a lot.

Wedges were the craze a while back, and I was all head over heels for them...WAS. But this pair brings it all back. Gorgeous cuts and outlines. Especially the colour, it really works for me. Better than the all too contrasting 'white'.

Seductive looking heels! Love this style, they seem to be worn by so many inspiring fashionistas lately.