Monday, 27 August 2012

"Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts"

The above title comes from Taylor Swift's song 'Mine' which is not a recent song but I love the meaning and inspiration behind it because I can relate to it, to half of it. I'm turning 18 by the end of this year and I have still not been a relationship before, ever! Some people may find that strange, whilst others may find it normal. For me, I have no idea what to think of it. Really it has been all natural, I have never been asked by a boy to be his girlfriend, though there have been a few I know who like me and I like them back, but I believe my refusal to show them signs or say my feelings out loud has discouraged them from confronting me. But the point is, I have never rejected a boy who has asked me out before. I don't go seeking ( I do look though) and I don't go showing my feelings. Now I have realised I'm just too scared to.

I think all my cousins have been cursed with 'bad love'. I have three girl cousins who have recently been broken by love, by a relationship, by a boy, and by the concept of marriage.

Cousin 1 is 30 and had entered into a relationship late last year ( i think), because of her age, relatives are all rushing her to get married. She's not overwhelmingly attractive plus Chinese people do not share the same culture as the Westerners, if you're not married by 30, your chances of getting married is very very slim. In her early years she has apparently been crushing on a boy for way too long and just couldn't find the one.  So we thought that she has finally found the one. People were asking when they were going to marry, pressuring both sides of the party to tie the knot. But she has decided to end the relationship, as a normal person you'd think the one who ends it doesn't get hurt, but she was very obviously saddened by it. He just wasn't the one. Why is it so hard to find the one? In China where there are 688,783,989 males! She's just not lucky.   

Cousin 2 is 26 and had her first love as her only love for 7 years. As I have said, the bad luck within love runs along the family, the boy called it 'off' last year and she was left heart broken. More than heart broken, she couldn't find herself anymore, even after several months she would suddenly think of him and break down in tears. She had no motivation in love, no ambition, no aim. She was so lost. Seeing her so hurt was so painful for my Aunty, and seeing this made my mother very saddened too. They were together for 7 years! She had given her most beautiful years to him. They realised their relationship had hit the stage where they had become accustomed to each other that they were no longer 'in love' but simply close friends. She is one of the closest cousins so I witnessed her internal torture. She wasn't lucky in love either.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Be Bold, Be Blue

Went shopping for heels yesterday at Karrinyup shopping centre, heading to departments stores such as Myer and David Jones in particular. Thought I'll dress up a bit since I was on a fashion mission: to get a pair of go-to black heels. I wore these blue heels on my mission because I just love the comfort of sandal heels, plus they were easy to take on and off with zips at the back, suitable taking them on and off to try other shoes. 

Unfortunately I did not complete my mission in the day, but I was never the less determined to complete it no matter what. I was in love with the Tony Bianco "Precious" heels in 'Black Chicago' from Myer for $169.95 and found a really similar pair at Novo for only $79.95, but the straps were too lose around my foot so I didn't end up buying them. Really, almost $100 difference for a tighter strap around the foot? I was quite saddened, I've never been a person who chases brands, only style.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Miss World 2012: China

Newly crowned Miss World Yu Wenxia of China acknowledges the audience after being crowned Miss World 2012 at the Ordos Stadium Arena in inner Mongolia, China, on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012. 

There were 116 contestants from all around the world! Narrowed down from top 15, the top 7 comprised Jamaica, South Sudan, India, Australia, Brazil, China PR, Wales.The 15 semi finalists included India,Mexico, Australia,Jamaica,China PR,Wales,South Sudan,England, Brazil,Spain,Phillipines,United States,Netherlands, Indonesia, Kenya. This is the second time Miss China has been awarded the title. The last time was in 2007 when Zhang Zilin took the honor.

The first runner-up is Sophie Elizabeth Moulds of Wales and the second runner-up is Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australia. India was awarded two subtitles Miss world Beauty with a Purpose 2012 and Miss Multimedia 2012. Miss china PR was also awarded Miss Talent 2012, Miss World 2012 Beach Beauty was Miss Wales. While South Sudan took away the Miss World 2012 Top Model award.Finally, Miss World Sports Woman 2012 was awarded to Miss Sweden 

The next host country will be the City of Bali in Indonesia.

I must say, Miss China really knows how to sing, she's an amazing Chinese opera singer, standing at 1.77 m tall. The 23-year-old Yu is a music student who says she wants to become a music teacher. 

This is the first time for the Inner Mongolian city of Ordos to host the international beauty pageant. The city is one of the richest regions in China thanks to its abundant natural resources. It hopes the world event will raise its profile for economic development and tourism.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Friend's Casino Las Vegas 18th Birthday Party

A week ago it was my high school friend's 18th. She held the party at her house and even set up a dance floor in her garage. Was pretty awesome I have to say! The theme was Casino Las Vegas so we all had to dress up all rich and wealthy. I simply wore my year 11 Dinner Dance cocktail dress which is gold, perfect for the occasion, and then paired it up with the earings I bought for the MSU Red Carpet Event. I only have three photos because I was the photographer for the night, and didn't have the chance to get in many photos since I was directly behind the camera the entire night. But EVERYONE loved my photos and I'm so proud. So many people were changing their Facebook profile pics to those taken by me <3. 

Blurring Disco/Garage

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

LISTEN: Taylor Swift New Song - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Taylor Swift is launching another new album! RED

It will be released on October 22nd, but if you want a taste of the album, you can purchase one of the singles from her album from itunes already, called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

The song is different to her usual country-type music, but I really like the change for this single. Can't wait to hear the rest of her album. You can listen to her single here, just click play below:

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

100th blog post!!! My Olympian Heartthrob

Kind of inappropriate to dedicate such an important post to a new crush . Since I do have many crushes, and find new crushes easily and quickly... The last few crushes I've written about, only one of them still stands . And this new crush on Chen Long, Chinese badminton player and London Olympics Singles Men Bronze winner, looks just like the guy I still have a crush on. Tall, Chinese, mono-lid, well-built.

But this is Olympics related and it is Olympics time right now so there's an excuse for me to dedicate this to him. I'm sure you readers have your Olympian crushes too, you are all very welcome to share your Olympian crushes below in the comments. Actually, I highly encourage you all to share, please, because I don't want to be the weird one talking about my Olympian crush in so much depth to people who don't even care (but as you read on, you will realise how much laughter I experienced during my realisation of a new crush). I've realised most people have crushes on tennis players and soccer players so it'll be interesting to find out about other attractive athletes out there for a wide range of sports.

So back to my Olympian crush. I did mention he is well-built, and being an athlete, it is obvious he will be. And when I say well-built... well you guys can be the judge:


Look at those abs! Drool. I'm starting to feel somewhat embarrassed by what I'm typing now... Sorry if what I'm saying makes you cringe. He may not be as crazy-built as Chris Evans from Captain America (which I also have a crush on because I just recently watched the amazing movie, but I have to say, my crush on Evans is not as great as the one I have on Chen because Evans is not Chinese and Evans is not Captain America in real life) 

The height initially is what brought Chen Long to my attention, 1.89m! Asians are rarely, rarely that tall. And a tall guy is a weak point of mine. But I must say, it's not just the appearance that's attractive, I do need inner beauty to really fall for someone and what's great about him is that he's obviously very hard-working since he's an athlete, an Olympian. I really admire hard-working people because I am a very hard-working person too. Those who have endured blood and sweat just to work towards their ambitions. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

H&M coming to Australia!!

Swedish megabrand H&M is going to expand into the Australian market! H&M is said to be scouting for store locations in Melbourne but no word yet on Sydney yet.

Topshop already has a Melbourne store and Zara continues to expand with news that they will have new stores in Victoria and Sydney.

Just for the sake of non-Australians, I would like to inform you how sad it is here in Australia that we use to not have such amazing stores in Australia. We really are such an isolated country down here on the map, the only country to be a continent as well. Far away from the rest of the world... alone, all alone.

But things are looking up, Zara, Topshop and now H&M and coming.

Now just for the sake of non-Perth people, all the way over here in Western Australia we don't have any of these 3 shops. Australia's isolation with the world is exactly like Western Australia's isolation with the country. We have practically nothing! 

First we need to wait for them to come to the country and then we have to wait a hundred more years for them to come to our state. Really? This is just sad. Just to cheer myself, or to make my feelings worse, I will stare at H&M's autumn/winter 2012 lookbook.