Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bring All the Sexiness

Long eyelashes + Lush Lips + Gorgeous Silky Curls = An Explosion of Sexiness

Why am suddenly talking about bringing all the sexy on? Here's why!

Chinese Society cordially invites you to the most promiscuous Fresher Function of 2012! 

♕♕♕ House Bunny ♕♕♕

Yes, that’s right, YOU (our Very.Important.Playboys) are invited to our bunny’s mansion for a taste of Vegas’s bestest. 

It’s time to grab your bunny ears, robes or suits and get ready to say “sorry for partying 


But first things first! THIS IS NOT A 18+ EVENT! Everyone is welcome to come and party it 

up with us :):)


For all the ladies, dress up naughty or nice, think sexy with class ;)

Come as one of the bunny waitress, sexy playboy models or the classy sassy guests of the

 PlayBoy mansion!

For the men out there, prepare to release your inner playboy.

Suit up or suit down and get your game on! These bunnies wont tame themselves..

Doors close at 8:30PM so make sure to get in early!

NB: This is a NON alcoholic event !



♕ $20 Presale - SOLD OUT

♕ $30 At the door (LIMITED)

Please note: Tickets are only available till Wednesday April 4.

"I have about 100 pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably." -Hugh Hefner

See you there!

One of the highlights of the event is the 'getting ready part'. And I just love going through ideas to find the PERFECT sexy look. Here's what I have for makeup!

I am wearing a bright pink dress and Ruby Lin paired this with purple eye makeup. I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's metallic pink lips and amped up eyes. Miranda Kerr's makeup is a blast of sexiness too, with those captivating eyes and luscious nude lips. There is a fine line between looking sexy with class, and sexy but promiscuous. And the fine line must not be crossed with the makeup, it will not be wise to pair Miranda's eye makeup with Rosie's lips. I just need to decide, however, which one I want to emphasise more. The eyes, or the lips?

Now time for hair! Last week I went with a sleek high ponytail, this week it's time to let it loose! Curls symbolises sexiness, as shown by the VS models, so where better to get ideas than from them!  

Curls which are messy = a HOT mess! I absolutely love the side fringe that swirls up and outwards (like the look in Adriana's image), the extra volume from the fringe is absolutely breath-taking!

Now time to look at girls who are linked to Playboy.  

A photo of Paris Hilton and Ashley Tisdale at a Playboy mansion party. This is not the typical R-rated party with bunny costumes, but the curls and make-up are helpful in showing that you don't need to look promiscuous at a Playboy mansion party.  

Candice Boucher is a South African model, like Candice Swanepoel. She appeared in a pictorial and on the cover of the April 2010 issue of the Playboy magazine. Look at that stunning curly hair, and the fringe that I am in love with right now!   

I tested the look, should be good!! I am wearing the dress I will wear to the party too, not giving a sneak glimpse though ;). You guys can wait :P ! Only a few more days and I will post up photos from the event! 

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