Friday, 13 April 2012

Otherworldly Designs

Just another of my 'in-the-moment' sketches

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  1. Maybe you could find someone who sew for you. I really think you will have success.
    Continue drawing, you are great ;) 

  2. i understand your english perfectly, thank you for the comment :)

    haha, but i am no good at sewing but it would be so great to see these design come to life :D

  3. I love your sketches, you are really good. I love the first dress, it's my favourite. But the others are also stunning and gorgeous :)
    Do you think in sew these great pieces? I think it would be fantastic and you could wearing your own clothes. 
    Beijinhos (kiss)

    PS: Sorry for my poor english, I'm portuguese and I don't speak very well english

  4. omg such pretty sketches! love them!

    Laura x