Monday, 28 November 2011

Looking and Feeling Good

It's my birthday today!! Had such an awesome day! And it's my mum's birthday tomorrow, going to have another awesome day! Turned 17 and feeling great, thought I might change the layout of my blog to celebrate! Will upload photos soon but here's something I think you guys will be interested in. :)

Looking good and feeling good isn't always about make-up and plastic surgery. One thing that people miss but is highly important is our posture. Here's some tips that I follow, taken from newspaper articles and magazines:

1.Stand before a mirror, front on and side on, to see where our problem is. Now stand tall with your feet comfortably apart. Draw in your stomach, draw your pelvis up and move your shoulders down and back. Imagine you've got a thread attached to the top of your head and it's drawing you upwards - feel your body lengthening and straightening. Now look at your posture again. You should look taller and thinner. Try and keep this way often, if you forget it it's alright, changing posture takes a lot of time because it's breaking a habit. But don't ever stop trying.
2. Exercise your rhomboids. These are the muscles in between your shoulders. To work them, holds your hands together behind your back and draw your shoulder blades together, hold for 10 seconds and release. Do this 5-10 times every day and you'll son see a difference

3. Pay attention. Good posture is a habit and one you'll need to concentrate on until it becomes natural. Every time you stand up, check your posture - is your body in a straight line? Ask your family and friends to remind you to straighten up whenever you're slouching. In my family I'm always the one telling people off when they slouch but for my mum use to be the one telling me off. She doesn't do it anymore because I don't slouch, it's become natural. 

4. When you sit, push your bottom to the back of your chair and sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor (I just had to readjust myself when typing this, hehe). At work there is a chart instructing us to do this all the time when sitting because we should be doing this at work and at home, even in the car, basically whenever you are sitting. Pull in your core- never waste a chance to whittle your waist.     

5. Try to sleep in a position which helps you maintain the curve in your back, such as on your back with a pillow under your knees; with a lumbar rolled under your lower back; or on your side with your knees drawn right up to your chest, or on your front, especially on a saggy mattress, as this may cause back strain and can be uncomfortable for your neck. My back is extra curvy so it often gets tired, just from simply walking a whole day. It's tired even now... Doing this when sleeping really helps reduce the tiredness of it.  

So now that you have the tips, go use them. Doing is harder to reading... be persistent! 

Louise xx

YG Ladies 2011 ELLE Share Happiness

YG Entertainment was working with ELLE magazine for their annual charity project, ‘Share Happiness‘ and the vibe appears to be coming from a place of ‘Fairytale Gothic’. In the video are Korean celebrities 2NE1Jung Hye YoungGummyYoo In Na, and Kang Hye Jung embracing their looks and characters inspired by fairytales.

The clothes, hair and makeup are so gorgeous!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

3D Chalk Art!

"You're obsessed with 3D chalk art" says my little brother next to me.
I'm not obsessed, I'm just fascinated! And who wouldn't be, they're so awe-inspiring!
Amazing what people get up to in this world, creating art and sharing them!

This one's my favourite! Located in Florida USA

 From another perspective this is what it looks like!

This one is another really beautiful one

For the comic lovers! :) 

Last but not least, the world's largest AND longest chalk art collaborating with Reebok

Absolutely inspirational!!!

By messing around with perspective you can get a whole lot more out of life. This it truly awe-inspiring.

Louise xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OOTD: Country Girl

Went shopping with some friends today because we needed to spend a $20 gift card we won... frustratingly, we did not end up spending it because luck was not on our side... every shop we asked about did not allow the use of the card! Anywho... here is the outfit of the day. Today was the hottest day of spring and my friend wanted me to wear heels with her (so she could practice in them for her office uniform at work) and I also decided to wear a pair of REALLY short skirt which my mum bought for me from China.

My mum is such a strange but awesome woman, other mothers would not allow their daughters to wear such short revealing clothes but my mother encourages me to for appropriate occasions. The skirt is so pretty, with flower prints which is I see in shops everywhere these days. It was so short though, I never wear short skirts (just short shorts), but I had biker shorts on so it was safe... so many people were staring at me when I walked around in the city today. Was it because I my skirt was too short? Or was it my legs were amazingly long? I hope it was the later. Not use to getting people's attention, I'm a shy quiet girl but I guess I'm finally breaking out of my shell. :)

I would prefer to wear brown heels to match but since my friend wanted me to wear them all day I had to wear the most comfortable ones I had! :) The bag was actually my mum's but I took it cause I loved it so much. I love you mum! <3 hehe... >.<

Note: The hula-hoop in the background, was trying to keep fit to wear my Lipsy dress for graduation but even though that is no longer THE dress, I will still continue to keep fit! Not to be like an annoying anorexic girl, but I don't think those legs should get any larger...

Louise xx

Graduation Dress #1

Not the one unfortunately but I really loved it! The problem was that there no sizes left and only a size 6.. seriously? Was determined to buy it anyway and lose weight since I have gained a bit during exams (eat, study, sleep, eat, study, sleep...) But I have decided I do not have enough time to lose the tummy fat I have, the hardest area to tone. So I have given up on this dress... sadly :(

This dress was only AUD$90 and is from Lipsy. Such a beautiful girly colour too! I wore champagne colour for Year 11 Dinner Dance and Royal Blue for Year 12 Ball so I wanted a girly colour for the graduation, something completely different!

The bottom right photo is an accurate capture of the dress's colour. 
Louise xx

Monday, 21 November 2011

Asian Celebrity Fashion

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The TVB Sales Presentation 

Though Vivien Yeo isn't very famous, having never landed a leading role, I thought her dress was the most beautiful at the evening with that old Hollywood glamour gown. That deep v  back is absolutely beautiful!

I love the hair and makeup for these two girls in white! 

Love the first dress worn by Miss HK, the fourth dress (LOVEE the colour) and the second last dress

Beautiful girls! Myolie Wu is really pretty!

I like this dress worn by Grace Wong, white seems to have been a really popular colour for the night

Flirty hot pink dress worn by Nancy Wu 

Love Natalie Tong's heels and interesting dress: Gothic

I think her dress is suppose to be black but I prefer it in the midnight blue colour from the above photos

Love Selena Li's blue dress, I am obsessed with one sleeve dresses right now. Want one for my graduation!

Tavia Yeung's dress is really elegant, I love the shape! Perfectly tailored to her body! Others may not be able to pull this dress off because the structure of the dress enhances the bum area, but Tavia did it well!

Angelababy (Hong Kong Model)

 At Angelababy's recent public event she wore Valentino! It's such a cute pretty lace dress!

Other Asian Actresses

Liu Yifei is a beautiful actress! I love this photo of her (LEFT), such a beautiful dress and jewellery! The other photo (RIGHT) is a recent one from a red carpet event she attended. Similar hairstyle, but a lovely coloured dress! It's so beautiful!

I'm not sure who the girl on the left is but she's from Hong Kong just like the rest of them. I love her dress and her hair!

Zhang Ziyi (LEFT) and Michelle Reis (RIGHT) both wore Valetino gowns for a magazine spread (both different magazines). Polka dots are in style and this dress captures this trend elegantly. The ruffled sleeves are a beautiful touch to this timeless dress (photo from JayneStyle)

Goo Hara from Korean Girl Band Kara

I absolutely love Goo Hara's eye makeup in these two photos! Or maybe it's just her eyes!

I love her cat eyes! beautiful nails too! Both pics have long sleek hair, a style she is regularly seen in. She looks really good in it!

Loving the cat eyes again! And the sleek hairdo!

Wondering if i should die my hair this colour with these curls? Thinking of a darker brown though... and maybe a bit more curlier.

Loving the hairdo and the eye make-up as well

Charmaine Li (Chinese/HongKong) looks JUST LIKE Goo Hara! 

Taken from the set of Korean Drama "City Hunter"

Gorgeous nude makeup!

Here's the group! The other girls are really pretty too!


Catchy Song! <3

That's all for now, enough celeb fashion stalking. Will post up pics of clothes I bought yesterday and my graduation dress in a few days!

Louise xx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Flashy Lashes

I have recently received my Shu Uemura through postage and the only time I ever curled my lashes was for the school ball. I think after this first time using it myself, I will definitely be curling more often!

Here are the before and after photos!

*Note: I didn't use makeup anywhere else but on the lashes before or after, neither did I use photoshop (I have not mastered it yet so I do not use it) 

Here is what I also used: 

  • Maybelline The Falsies-Volum' Express
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear- Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara 01 Black 
  • Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus- Full Treatment Formula
  • Eyelash Comb   

My Steps:
  1. Curl lashes with Shu Uemura Eye Curler, holding for 10 seconds 1/3 from the roots of the eyelashes and then repeating for 1/3 of the way from the tip of the lashes
  2. Apply Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus to increase the lash volume and curl, extend the wear by acting like a magnet to attract and hold the mascara and to also help prevent lash breakage. 
  3. Apply Estee Lauder Double Wear using zig-zag motion to the top and bottom lashes. 
  4. Separate lashes and to avoid clot with eyelash comb
  5. Apply Maybelline The Falsies using zig-zag motion to only the top lashes (this one is too strong for the bottom)
  6. Use eyelash comb again  
Tip1#: Don't pump mascara brush in and out of the bottle, this will cause air to go in and dry out the mascara to increase clotting when applying.  

My thoughts: I really like the Estee Lauder products (Primer and Mascara) but in terms of mascara, Maybelline's The Falsies is a must have, it really elongates the lashes like crazy which is why I wouldn't recommend it to be used for the bottom lashes. The eyelash comb also really helps helps prevent the lashes from clumping together. I cannot give an actual review for the Shu Uemura because I have come to realise that the one I bought from online is not genuine. However I don't mind because the price was really cheap (which I should have picked up from already) and it also curls the eyelashes like any non-brand eye lash curlers. I am still a beginner with eyelash curling so when I do actually start to use it a lot I will upgrade to a genuine one.

Tip2#: To tell whether your Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is fake, the name on the box is engraved (not printed). On the top of the box there should be two lines of writing, one in English and one in French. On the actual eyelash curler, next to the engraved "Shu Uemura" there should be an 's', not a 'w' (you can see this on my photo). Lastly, the rubber pad should have "Shu Uemura" imprinted on it, fake ones don't.  

Louise xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

OOTD: Rocker Chick

I went shopping for my graduation dress today and this was my OOTF. I will post images of this beautiful dress sometime later. Today I went driving for the first time! I've been eligible to be behind the wheel ever since I turned 16 and that's been a whole year. Now that school has finished I can finally focus on getting my license!

Got reviews ready for my Origins Charcoal Mask and my Shu Uemura, they will come very soon! Also, I am thinking of stalking some Asian celebrity style and posting them on this blog. People such as Goo Hara from Korean Girl Band Kara, Hong Kong supermodel Angelababy, Chinese actress Crystal Lui and many other Hong Kong actresses from the TVB 2012 Sales Presentation Evening.

Louise xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

Spring 2012 Designer Shoes

OFFICIALLY NO MORE HIGH SCHOOOOOOLL!!! Sorry, allow me to try and contain myself... So excited! Better yet, my shu uemura eye lash curler came in yesterday and my Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask has arrived today! Perfect timing for celebration and beauty related extravaganza! Have you guys seen Miranda Kerr wearing The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra? Go the Aussie girl! Anyway, here's the spring 2012 Designer Shoes as promised!

Burak Uyan

Pastel colours on shoes will be just as popular this season as it was for clothing in 2011. Nude is yet the trendiest pastel colour but other colours such as rosy, aqua, light yellow and this pale green are also popular this season. I love this shoe for it's reptile skin, colour and innovative curves that wrap around the foot. Buckles are still popular this season which makes this shoe something everyone will want.

Alejandro Ingelmo

Metallic love is in the spring air! Along with metallic/shiny clothing this season, metallic shoes are going to be popular this season. Silver and gold is the most popular on the runway but not following the crowd and choosing different colours to stand out is a good idea. I love this shoe for it's fierce structure, I can totally picture this sure in the clubs (one more year and I can go to one!) but also on the streets. These days the higher the heels the cooler but it won't be cool when you'll be walking around in crutches. Always wear heels in consideration. Despite my love for this shoe, if I saw it in stores I wouldn't ever purchase it due to its height. But for you guys out there who can handle it, all I can say is you have skills and  
be careful.

Alejandro Ingelmo

Super mega platforms is another trend of the season. The contrast with all the colour of the season, why not opt for a deadly black? With the same warning, be careful girls. I love the plaited straw effect of this shoe, adds texture and depth to the simple black design.

Nude is a popular colour for shoes this season but I love this shoe not for it's colour but for the lines in this design which also appears to be popular this spring. This design is very chic. Elegant and creative! I would say that this shoe will be a safer buy that you can wear whichever season, no matter the trend. It's very versatile which has always been "me".

Burak Uyan

COLOUR! I love how creative this shoe is in the prints. Not only has it been popular in clothes, it appears it has moved onto the shoes. This hot pink is perfect for spring! Fighting for the attention with the blossoming flowers. Sweet and  hot at the same time!

Charlotte Olympia 

This has a very "asian" style to the design. Funny or not it reminds me of the straw hats that the rice farmers wear in the countryside... (which reminds me of a friend who dressed up as such for future occupation day in muck up week, a hilarious outfit with grains of rice as a prop). It's very cute with the crosses, sending images of a voodoo doll. It has platforms but other than that I haven't seen anything like this in the trends of spring 2012 but this will sure stand out from the crowd.


Wedges are still in this season! When D&G showcased their spring 2011 collection with an emphasis on wedges it meant the style was going to stay for longer. For Spring and Summer as well, the wedges are still very popular but they are less colourful though. My no.7 choice is this beautiful wedge with reptile skin and pastel colours which is also popular this season.

Burak Uyan

I like this shoe for it's uniqueness, it's the typical popular nude with the buckles but a twist of black and "nets" has been added to grab attention, this is what I call following a crowd but standing out! 
This blog began in July but I have been busy with school and haven't had the time to contribute anything read-worthy on this blog, recently I have found some more time and now I have even more time... (I hope I won't get dominated by my piano lessons and work). This is a promise, this blog is going to have more awesome stuff to come!

Louise xx