Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OOTD: Country Girl

Went shopping with some friends today because we needed to spend a $20 gift card we won... frustratingly, we did not end up spending it because luck was not on our side... every shop we asked about did not allow the use of the card! Anywho... here is the outfit of the day. Today was the hottest day of spring and my friend wanted me to wear heels with her (so she could practice in them for her office uniform at work) and I also decided to wear a pair of REALLY short skirt which my mum bought for me from China.

My mum is such a strange but awesome woman, other mothers would not allow their daughters to wear such short revealing clothes but my mother encourages me to for appropriate occasions. The skirt is so pretty, with flower prints which is I see in shops everywhere these days. It was so short though, I never wear short skirts (just short shorts), but I had biker shorts on so it was safe... so many people were staring at me when I walked around in the city today. Was it because I my skirt was too short? Or was it my legs were amazingly long? I hope it was the later. Not use to getting people's attention, I'm a shy quiet girl but I guess I'm finally breaking out of my shell. :)

I would prefer to wear brown heels to match but since my friend wanted me to wear them all day I had to wear the most comfortable ones I had! :) The bag was actually my mum's but I took it cause I loved it so much. I love you mum! <3 hehe... >.<

Note: The hula-hoop in the background, was trying to keep fit to wear my Lipsy dress for graduation but even though that is no longer THE dress, I will still continue to keep fit! Not to be like an annoying anorexic girl, but I don't think those legs should get any larger...

Louise xx


  1. Don't we just love our mommas? I think as you grow older, you believe more in the saying that mother knows best :)

    I love love love that cutesy skirt! Thanks for following me back, babes x

  2. Cute outfit~!! I love your bag and shoes <33