Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fall 2011 Designer Jewellery

As promised, I am now taking you through my list of jewellery from Fall 2011!

Bottega Veneta, Necklace, Fall 2011

It's so beautiful and elegant! I'm out of words for this one! This wouldn't be something worn for a formal event with a gown, rather it is suited to short dresses or long dresses with an edge. It may also go well with a blazer to add some sophistication. This quite different to most of the necklaces I have come across in that it's VERY symmetrical. Normally it's just a necklace with a large charm at the bottom but this one is on all sides!

Christian Dior, Earings, Fall 2011 
These are so cute! The white drops are so beautiful with their subtle patterns. The bows are not the typical round soft shape but metallic, hard and with blunt corners which adds depth to this simple design. Because it's not so out-there you can wear them for any occasion. It think I am in love!

Kara Ross, Bracelet, Fall 2011
The numerous circle patterns in this bracelet, plus the colour, means it is suited to more elegant styles. The spherical beads are very similar to pearls. These pearl-look-a-likes plus the gold radiates a bit of old Hollywood glamour but with an added twist with the darker colours and reflective shine.

Kara Ross, Earings, Fall 2011

This one comes in two colours but I am not sure which colour I like more. The first one has a greater contrast in colours and will grab attention more easily whilst the second blends together more. On the other hand, the darker drop in the second one looks more sparkly to me, like stars in the night sky. I'm not sure...Which one do you guys prefer? 

Hervé Van der Straeten, Bracelet, Fall 2011
I first came across such gold accessories through Glisters and Blister's blog with her ARMOR ARM (this one, however, does not have the same reflective qualities and is slightly different in colour). After that I have started to notice there are a lot more different typed with the similar idea of a gold long bangle. Many were very crazy so I have resigned to keeping it simple... but not too simple. This one looks like multiple bangles worn together but with the same long effect. I use to hate gold jewellery but now it seems that some of my outfits only go well when adorned with gold.  

Kara Ross, Bracelet, Fall 2011

I really like the colours for this one, it's a very soft and gentle beige. The patterns are very interesting and it's not too big so it can go well with many outfits. The patterns behind the pattern is a really interesting concept!

Kara Ross, Bracelet, Fall 2011

This bangle is very simple with just one large gem in the middle but the snake skin pattern makes it very interesting. This is a bracelet with some edge!

Nina Ricci, Bracelet, Fall 2011

Something shiny and cluttered. Moving away from gold, this one is very creative with the use of glass and gems and the colours white, black, grey and green. It's sure to catch people's attention.

Now here is something special I want to show!
CA & LOU Rings, Fall 2011

The ring on the right is mine which I bought in China, Guangzhou, earlier this year in March. Can you see the crazy similarities between the two? Except for the colour and the fact that it's winding around in a different direction, they are identical! I couldn't believe that this was a design my CA&LOU which I purchased for a VERY cheap price. 

Now I've gotten excited about the similarities between designer jewellery and jewellery I just bought off the streets of China. This second one has very, very small similarities. The only similarity is the gem in the middle, the length of the ring and the slight petal shapes closer to the middle gem. 

Next to come is a post about shoes, 2012 Spring! You guys from the northern hemisphere will be more excited by the fact that it's from 2012 but I'm more excited that it's spring related since it's spring over here and I can get some ideas! But then again spring is ending in a few more weeks. Sigh... 

Louise xx


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