Thursday, 23 February 2012

SNSD YoonA at the Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show

Korean SNSD members Tiffany, YoonA and Seohyun had been invited to attend the 2012 Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show in London. Among the three beautiful members I have to say I am absolutely in love with YoonA's green Burberry dress, it's an amazing olive green that goes very well with the colour of Asian skin. I am also really love her hair! 
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The trench-coat seems to be really popular and I think it's a beautiful stylish way to keep warm in the cold weather such as London. It adds a highly sophisticated edge to the outfit. I have bought a trench-coat this time when I went back from Carol&John and I hope to style it with a dress this winter. In Australia it's still Spring so I still need to wait until the weather cools and I can finally wear all the winter clothes I bought from China. 

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Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture


"Sheer layers exposed the underlying construction of garments. The black floral designs that were picked out on a flaring white skirt were like an initial guide for a master embroiderer who would fill in the colors later."  -Tim Blanks

These dresses are amazing! The sheerness of the fabric adds a modern twist to these beautifully layered Chanel dresses.  My favourite will have to be the one Karlie Kloss is showcasing because of the dramatic sleeves.  

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Want to look like a supermodel?

Even though the thought of modelling has been taken off my list of "want to become in the future" doesn't mean I don't want to look like them, especially have a body like theirs.

Now take note! The videos show HOW TO do the exercises, not HOW MUCH. They have excluded the fact that these supermodels live it, these exercises are their lifestyle and a part of their career. So if you're just going to do 30min once a week, well you might as well just save your breath. For best and fast results, maximise the amount you do. Their is no such thing as "a free lunch", you have to work for everything that's good in life and this is one of them.

ARMS: Doutzen

LEGS: Lindsay

GLUTES: Alessandra

CORE: Candice

The core is the one I am most focused in improving, toning my core so I lose the tummy fat.
Now the diet part is also a thing to look out for that they have omitted. Less salt, less sugar and less fat. Doesn't mean no salt, no sugar, no fat. Just substitute food for things that are healthier.

I am currently substituting my craving for sweet food with fruit and craving for savoury food with salted nuts. Although salted nuts are still high in salt, it is still better than chips and other fried food. But I'm pretty sure there is an even healthier substitute out there. Just not one my mind/stomach is willing to accept yet. When you really crave for something, you really crave for it, I know because I can relate so what I do is eat a really small portion of it. On small slice of cake, or two pieces of chip etc. It is really essential to eat slowly and indulge in it so you become more easily satisfied with less consuming. Sometimes distracting your cravings also work, but sometimes not (depending on how strong these cravings are).

Eat smaller but more meals, change that 3 meals a day thing. Snacking is actually good despite what others say, that's how the French do it. Snacking in between (or 'mealing' in between) actually allows your body to digest it and be at a satisfied state throughout the day so you won't end up 'binge'-ing on food during a meal.

Last but not least, stay motivated. How much 'you want it' means how much you will do it and effectively, whether you'll achieve it or not. Sorry to break your fantasy but there really is no easy shortcut to success.

Here's a short one of Miranda showing her workout:

If you have a healthy weight for your age/height then dieting is not about losing weight, it's about replacing the weight of the useless fat into muscle to look leaner. The misleading view that girls have in today's society is that dieting makes you look like a supermodel. WRONG. Simply dieting makes you look sick, as in anorexic. Doing workouts tones the body and it is this process which truly gives you the supermodel body.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Miss Chinese WA Pageant

Myolie Wu And Kate Tsui (promoting 40th Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2012)

If you've read my post I Wanna Be A Model you would know that I've always wanted to enter a pageant. And since I have recently turned 17 in November, my time to shine is very close. I am from Perth, a small quiet city in Australia, which has grown over the years. There are actually pageants here, and not just ones that end when the night ends, the winners actually have the chance to participate in international pageants, the motivation behind it all, to travel and see the world and meet new people. 

The 2011 Miss Chinese WA was the first runner-up at the Miss Chinese World 2011. Li Zhu Jun, 22, is from Perth who also won the subsidiary title of Miss Body Beautiful (shouldn't it be Miss Beautiful Body?).  

The participation eligibility for age is 18-30 years old. I haven't actually heard of pageants that accept women 30 years old, but because Perth is such a small city they have no choice but to widen up the age bracket to receive the proper amount of participants to actually run a pageant. If someone is 30 and think they still got it then there no reason why they shouldn't be able to enter, especially since 30 now appears to be the new 20 with many celebrities (whatever ethnicity) appearing extremely young at the age of 30.

Do I look like a possible pageant winner? 
   I'm still a girl. Until I look more mature, and with sophistication, I don't think I'm ready.

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Designs

I've always enjoyed designing, ever since I was in primary school. It's never left me though, I always start drawing when I'm sick and tired of the same things going in my head everyday and I just want to do something creative. I usually write stories (novels) but these past days I have been bored of the recent novel I have been working on as well so I jumped back into designing again.

Left sketches are my couture designs and right sketches are my ready-to-wear designs. Feel free (I highly encourage you...) to comment/constructively criticize. Which one do you like the most? Which one do you hate the most?

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Elle Singapore, Feb 2012 (Pt 2)

Zhang Jingna, the amazing 23 year old photographer, uploaded some more pieces of her work which she did for Elle Singapore.

Hit the Road

Elle Singapore, Feb 2012

Fashion Direction: Daphne Chen
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Hair: Kazu L
Makeup: Ginger Lynette using Urban Decay Colors
Model: Vita G/AVE
Styling Assistance: Gracia Phang
Photography Assistant: Jet Han
Clothes: Prada

I love the second image, the lighting is absolutely stunning and so are the colours. I love the sheerness of the shirt in the first image, a really beautiful pastel blue colour.

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Australian Fashion 2012 Autumn/Winter

On February 15th, David Jones live streamed their launch for the Autumn/Winter 2012 season on Facebook for the first time. The event was held at David Jones’ Elizabeth Street Store, which has been magnificently restored to it’s turn of the century. 

The interior was turned Parisian with tables and chairs for the guests to sit and enjoy the show, as well as the continuous flow of champagne. 

There were no shortage of celebrities at the event with gues such  Delta Goodrem, Danni Minogue, Megan Gale and Jodi Gordon. 

Among the labels were Scanlan & Theodore, Willow, Zimmerman, Romance Was Born, Project D, Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Collette Dinnigan and Alex Perry.

From top left the bottom right:
1. A model showcases designs by Bassike
2. A model showcases designs by Alex Perry 
3. Samantha Harris showcases designs by Carla Zampatti
4. A model showcases designs by Lover
5. Montana Cox showcases designs by Collette Dinnigan
6. A model showcases designs by Zimmerman
7. A model showcases designs by Ginger & Smart
8. Alexandra Agoston showcases designs by Easton Pearson
9. Montana Cox showcases designs by Bassike
10. A model showcases designs by Bianca Spender
11. A model showcases designs by Bassike
12. Unknown
13. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Zimmerman
14. A model showcases designs by Romance Was Born
15. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Scanlan & Theodore 
16. Unknown
17. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Willow (Top 3 FAVE)
18. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Dion Lee (Top 3 FAVE)
19. A model showcases designs by George Gross and Harry Who
20. A model showcases designs by Lover
21. Samantha Harris showcases designs by Ginger & Smart
22. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Kirrily Johnston
23. A model showcases designs by Alex Perry
24. A model showcases designs by Bianca Spender
25. A model showcases designs by George Gross and Harry Who
26. A model showcases designs by Josh Goot
27. A model showcases designs by Camilla
28. Miranda Kerr showcases designs by Josh Goot (Top 3 FAVE)
29. A model showcases designs by Bianca Spender
30. Unknown
31. Samantha Harris showcases designs by Camilla And Marc
32. A model showcases designs by Josh Goot
33. A model showcases designs by Willow
34. A model showcases designs by Josh Goot
35. A model showcases designs by Little Joe Woman
36. A model showcases designs by Carl Kapp 


by Josh Goot, Dion Lee, and Willow (left to right)
And it just so happens that these top three designs are modeled by Victoria's Secret Angel Mirander Ker, but my decision is not influenced by this at all (...maybe).

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