Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Love You China

Coming here really is a shopaholic's dream! Shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery, skincare, make-up. I've bought everything!! But carrying all of it back to Australia was a nightmare, even though I had my whole family to help me, most of the baggages were literally filled with my stuff.

Here's a few photos of the smaller things I bought, clothes and shoes and bags will have to go on a seperate post because it's just SO much!
Sony Laptop Compact Mirror; Avaitors; Printed Glasses; Leaf Sticky Notes; 2x Pencil Cases; Emotion Stickers; Lots of Cute Pens

Premier Thermal Beauty Experience Mask (Tested at The World Trade Centre in HK and it was really good, will try and dedicate a post on this product)

Curled my hair and dyed it at Guangzhou, this is a hairdryer accessory that helps make my hair more curler. (Might do a video on this one)

Cute Clothes Hangers (they're soft and cushiony so don't need to worry about making pointing marks on my precious clothes)

Free Wallet by Kenneth Cole Reaction (Deep Pink Colour); 2x Stockings

Silver Glittery Eye Pen; False Eyelashes; Eyelash Glue (All from Sasa)

Silver Bracelet; Turquoise&Gold Bangle

LOTS of Earings

LOTS of Watches (Most Expensive one is the White one in the middle, looks very similar to a GUESS watch my friend bought at HK for more than $1500 HK whereas I got it for $120 RMB!)

 4xNail Polish 

Korean Nail Polish Effect (Comes with Magnet; Might do a video on this one too); Cyber Colours: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover; Free Botanics Mosturising Body Balm (From my Cousin)   

2x Necklaces

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