Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fall 2011 Designer Bags

Coming up will be posts on high end accessories and shoes. But first up is the essential... bags. Not only do they look good, they are useful too for placing all out necessities so our hands or pockets are not full when we go around on our adventures in the day. Today I will be taking you through my list of favourites! All of the bags are from the Fall 2011 Collection which is strange because it's Spring over here in Australia. I'm not much of a geography person but I do know that most of the people living on Earth inhabit in the Northern Hemisphere. Fashion lives there too... Italy, France, UK, US and the list goes on...  Hence it is actually quite difficult for people over "here" to follow the fashion when most of the fashion trends are coming from over "there", where the seasons are completely opposite. Same goes for shopping in China, every year when I go there and buy clothes I have to wait three months to wear it... frustrating really. Anyway, enough with the issue and here's the breath-taking list!

No. 1
Bulgari, Clutch, Fall 2011
This clutch is absolutely to die for! The design is so complex yet the colour black allows it to go well with just about any dress. The material makes it classy and futuristic, taking the clutch to a different universe of fashion.

Givenchy, Satchel, Fall 2011
This bag comes in a Prussian Blue but just like the fact that every girl needs a black dress in their wardrobe, every girl also needs a black bag. This bag's design is simple yet complex enough to work for everyday outfits. I am in love with this bag! 

Givenchy, Clutch, Fall 2011
With a black bag, a girl also needs the alternative, something bright once in a while. With this clutch, it drags the some of the attention away from the actual outfit so a simple outfit or even dull coloured outfit would suit perfectly with this blast of colour coming from the hands. 

Giorgio Armani, Shoulder Bag, Fall 2011

The colour and texture of this bag makes it an inbetweener. Something not too wild and vibrant like my no. 3 choice yet not as simple as my no. 2 choice. This shoulder bag is so chic! Somewhat looks like an envelope don't you think? But a beautiful envelope!

No. 5
Kara Ross, Shoulder bag, Fall 2011

This bag is a on the high end of the maturity level and hence I don't recommend this for myself but it doesn't stop me from adoring this bag. The studs adds attitude yet with the gem in the middle, it takes the bag back towards the elegant side. Elegant but with attitude? Why not?

Valextra, Tote, Fall 2011

Another bag that's more on the high ends of the maturity scale. This is more for the age of late 20's all the way to 40's bag. The colour is beautifully eye-catching yet not too piercing to the eye. Minimalism is what I'll call this. The simplicity of the structure of this bag is counteracted by the complexity of the texture. Very sophisticated!

No. 7
DKNY, shoulder bag, fall 2011

Back along the maturity scale towards where I am, this bag's colour and texture is more suited to the younger ones. The shape of this bag is not sophisticated at all which it why it suits the younger generation. I can completely picture myself in an outfit with this bag on my shoulders. You have to love DKNY!

Balenciaga, Tote, Fall 2011

All black? All white? Why not both? This bag plays with squares and simplicity. It doesn't top any of the other bags above but I will say, it's very unique!

I have decided to give you a list of only my top 8 because any further down I don't think I can order them in a list anymore. Lastly I would like to recommend my readers to a blog I have come across recently known as SEEK THE SLEEK. Winda has kindly invited me to follow her blog and having visited it, I found it greatly informative on the latest fashion collections by all types of designers. So please, I recommend you guys to check out her blog.  

Lastly before I leave I would love to congratulate Miss Venezuela now Miss World! She really deserved the crown!  The 22-year-old was one of 13 siblings who lost her parents at the age of 8 and spent 5 years in an orphanage run by nuns training to become a nun. When I saw her on the news I was like: "She looks like a barbie doll!". She was so beautiful! Shame if she became a nun. 
Her words: "This has taught me that life, although it may be bad, doesn't have to end badly. Although I no longer have my parents it has taught me to be stronger."
I have always believed that those who lose one thing will gain another and those who gain one thing will lose another. I have my parents and everything in my life is so wonderful and perfect which is why I believe I never win anything. No one can ever be perfect or have it all... Congratulations Miss Venezuela!

Louise xx


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