Friday, 11 November 2011

Spring 2012 Designer Shoes

OFFICIALLY NO MORE HIGH SCHOOOOOOLL!!! Sorry, allow me to try and contain myself... So excited! Better yet, my shu uemura eye lash curler came in yesterday and my Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask has arrived today! Perfect timing for celebration and beauty related extravaganza! Have you guys seen Miranda Kerr wearing The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra? Go the Aussie girl! Anyway, here's the spring 2012 Designer Shoes as promised!

Burak Uyan

Pastel colours on shoes will be just as popular this season as it was for clothing in 2011. Nude is yet the trendiest pastel colour but other colours such as rosy, aqua, light yellow and this pale green are also popular this season. I love this shoe for it's reptile skin, colour and innovative curves that wrap around the foot. Buckles are still popular this season which makes this shoe something everyone will want.

Alejandro Ingelmo

Metallic love is in the spring air! Along with metallic/shiny clothing this season, metallic shoes are going to be popular this season. Silver and gold is the most popular on the runway but not following the crowd and choosing different colours to stand out is a good idea. I love this shoe for it's fierce structure, I can totally picture this sure in the clubs (one more year and I can go to one!) but also on the streets. These days the higher the heels the cooler but it won't be cool when you'll be walking around in crutches. Always wear heels in consideration. Despite my love for this shoe, if I saw it in stores I wouldn't ever purchase it due to its height. But for you guys out there who can handle it, all I can say is you have skills and  
be careful.

Alejandro Ingelmo

Super mega platforms is another trend of the season. The contrast with all the colour of the season, why not opt for a deadly black? With the same warning, be careful girls. I love the plaited straw effect of this shoe, adds texture and depth to the simple black design.

Nude is a popular colour for shoes this season but I love this shoe not for it's colour but for the lines in this design which also appears to be popular this spring. This design is very chic. Elegant and creative! I would say that this shoe will be a safer buy that you can wear whichever season, no matter the trend. It's very versatile which has always been "me".

Burak Uyan

COLOUR! I love how creative this shoe is in the prints. Not only has it been popular in clothes, it appears it has moved onto the shoes. This hot pink is perfect for spring! Fighting for the attention with the blossoming flowers. Sweet and  hot at the same time!

Charlotte Olympia 

This has a very "asian" style to the design. Funny or not it reminds me of the straw hats that the rice farmers wear in the countryside... (which reminds me of a friend who dressed up as such for future occupation day in muck up week, a hilarious outfit with grains of rice as a prop). It's very cute with the crosses, sending images of a voodoo doll. It has platforms but other than that I haven't seen anything like this in the trends of spring 2012 but this will sure stand out from the crowd.


Wedges are still in this season! When D&G showcased their spring 2011 collection with an emphasis on wedges it meant the style was going to stay for longer. For Spring and Summer as well, the wedges are still very popular but they are less colourful though. My no.7 choice is this beautiful wedge with reptile skin and pastel colours which is also popular this season.

Burak Uyan

I like this shoe for it's uniqueness, it's the typical popular nude with the buckles but a twist of black and "nets" has been added to grab attention, this is what I call following a crowd but standing out! 
This blog began in July but I have been busy with school and haven't had the time to contribute anything read-worthy on this blog, recently I have found some more time and now I have even more time... (I hope I won't get dominated by my piano lessons and work). This is a promise, this blog is going to have more awesome stuff to come!

Louise xx


  1. Gorgeous shoes that I envy. The first one is my fav.

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  2. Great pictures for great ideas in this blog.
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  3. The Aperlaï and Charlotte Olympia are great.