Wednesday, 1 August 2012

H&M coming to Australia!!

Swedish megabrand H&M is going to expand into the Australian market! H&M is said to be scouting for store locations in Melbourne but no word yet on Sydney yet.

Topshop already has a Melbourne store and Zara continues to expand with news that they will have new stores in Victoria and Sydney.

Just for the sake of non-Australians, I would like to inform you how sad it is here in Australia that we use to not have such amazing stores in Australia. We really are such an isolated country down here on the map, the only country to be a continent as well. Far away from the rest of the world... alone, all alone.

But things are looking up, Zara, Topshop and now H&M and coming.

Now just for the sake of non-Perth people, all the way over here in Western Australia we don't have any of these 3 shops. Australia's isolation with the world is exactly like Western Australia's isolation with the country. We have practically nothing! 

First we need to wait for them to come to the country and then we have to wait a hundred more years for them to come to our state. Really? This is just sad. Just to cheer myself, or to make my feelings worse, I will stare at H&M's autumn/winter 2012 lookbook.  

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  1. there's a victoria secret store in sydney airport but its the only victoria secret store in Australia I think.

  2. Luckly here in Portugal there are Zara and H&M stores. I go many times to shop  clothes from Zara, and sometimes, not to much times, from H&M too. But I wish there was a Victoria's Secret store here! I always look at the lingerie, VS Pink and VSX collection and I want some piece so bad, but I can't have them! And I would like too if there was a Topshop store here, they are really good pieces.
    I thought in Australia there was these kind of stores. I always like so much of Australia. I saw some landscapes on Discovery or BBC documentaries and they are so wonderful. And everytime in New Year we saw the celebration on Sidney (it is news every single year!) with looks such an amazing city. I would like to visit the country some day.
    Perth is so long of Melbourne, you really can't go shop there! It must be so hard to wait stores come to your state. I hope that three stores come soon to close to your house ;)Beijinhos 

  3. I believe the lack of international stores in Perth is due to the small population we originally had but our city is growing quite rapidy because of the mining over here. Hopefully it will come real soonnn, it'll be the best gift ever!

    Sydney is beautiful, it'll be a great idea to come visit Australia. Blue skys, blue sea, lush green landscape, yellow sand. It's paradise here :)
    Haha, we don't even have victoria's secret here either, we really don't have anything...

  4. sighhh, yes. So depressing :(

  5. gosh this is depressing :( sydney already has a zara store..are they opening another one?! sigh...bring it to perth please.......

    Laura x