Saturday, 17 March 2012

First Encounter with Love Issue

I've had crushes, never really encountered anything, except for the childhood memory of when a boy used to give me little secret notes saying "I like you, and I know you like me too." But I denied it like my life depended on it. I was probably ten back then.

Now I'm seventeen, just graduated high school and officially in the 'market'. Despite this, I am still trying to hold back from entering a relationship since I am looking for a serious long term (permanent) one. But this guy comes along, completely not my type and let's my friends know he likes me. He let's them tell me, I find out and now it's awkward. He thinks I like him, why? I don't know. I haven't given him any misleading signs. Either he's stupid or very very brave.

I like to be nice and think he's just really brave.

And now here's the thing, he's a friend. A friend who has become somewhat distant recently, but he's invited me to his 'post-birthday' birthday party. This Sunday, i.e. tomorrow. My friends know why now. My plan is to go anyway, so not to sadden him because he's an unusually emotional guy. But let him know that I'm only into Chinese guys afterwards if I see him around in Uni.

BTW, just like in a movie, I've only just started seeing him again recently on the day my friend told me about him (saw him before though) and the day after. Very coincidental.....

On Facebook recently he keeps on trying to talk to me... And I don't think it's the right time to tell him yet, after his party when I won't see him much again. But right now it seems like I'm leading him on, but I talk to him nicely still, just as I have always used to talk to him, like a friend. Sigh, I don't know how to deal with this.

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  1. I think what worked for me is to just distance yourself from him. He will eventually get the idea that you don't feel the same way towards him. It took him a while to stop, he was quite persistent but you just have to be even more persistent in your stance.

    Hope everything works out :) Thanks for dropping by on my blog

  2. m gng through same problem...a frnd who is just a frnd ..he is soo nice tht i m nt able to deny his there is no such feeling fr him!!!he is just a good frnd of me ...a gud human being dnt kw how to handle situation!!!