Saturday, 29 October 2011

Your Definition of Happiness Is...?

“One great question underlies our experience, whether we think about it or not: what is the purpose of life? From the moment of birth every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering. Neither social conditioning nor education nor ideology affects this. From the very core of our being, we simply desire contentment. Therefore, it is important to discover what will bring about the greatest degree of happiness”
-Dalai Lama (Head of the Dge-lugs-pa order of Tibetan Buddhists, 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, b.1935)

At times we are so blind with the things that are happening in our lives that we forget. It is good to analyse one's place in life once in a while so we don't lose ourself. We are sometimes so caught up in trying to achieve what we think gives us happiness that we sacrifice so much that everything isn't worth it in the end. In a world of materialism, I would like to wake some people up and really reassess what they define as happiness. Think of the journey and not the final destination. With money people sacrifice time, with time people sacrifice money. With career we sacrifice family, and with family we sacrifice career. Hence life is all about balance.

Find it and you will find happiness, just remember that satisfaction is the key to happiness. Some find happiness in seeing those around them happy. This does not mean we shouldn't aim for greatness and just throw our dreams, or all material goods, away. If that is what makes you happy, by all means cling onto them. Everyone has their different definitions of happiness, but don't get lost. Stop and think once in a while... am I happy? By simply changing our thinking we can be even happier. 

I will do the same for my exam grades, I will learn to be satisfied with whatever I achieve because I know I have worked hard and in this journey I will have learnt more than answers to the exam papers, I will have hopefully learnt how to deal with pressure and stress, and learn to be content and not care so excessively as to what those around me think. 

I hope some readers will have been influenced in some way by this post, I hope it has changed some part of your mind in some way. And I hope it has changed it for the better. We only have one life and to experience as many happy moments as possible is the most basic aim in all of us.   

Louise XX
*Photos are taken by me, please ask before using otherwise that's stealing

Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Wanna Be A Model

I'm Turning 17 in a little more than a month and I'm still trying to find my place in the world. I wanted to be a model and compared to average asians I'm tall but I'm am by no means a model's height. 166cm is where I'm at and I'm hoping I can still get taller after graduating, when all the stress is gone, and achieve 168cm.

If not a model I want to enter a pageant like Miss Melbourne Chinese or Miss Sydney Chinese and hopefully get to Miss Chinese International, that's where the big dreams lie by it's so far away. That's what all dreams feel like right? But there's always an achiever. Every year a Miss Chinese INternational is crowned and each year some girl's dream is achieved... but facing reality, there are thousands of girls who's dreams were crushed... working hard pays off, but only for ONE (or two, or three for runner ups). I have the intelligence but I don't think I have the looks. But it's one life and why not take the opportunities in life so you'll not regret anything when you're... say 80....

I've wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young, a model, an actress, a singer... all the little kiddy dreams have come and gone. But I'm serious about entering a pageant.

This is the journal of my journey and it's all just started!

Louise xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Whirlwind Year in Photos


Can you guess the theme?  

Delicious Maltese Desert

TITANIC MURDER MYSTERIES: Friend's 17th Birthday Party 
Sorry for the blur, was in the car (late for party)

Characters were actually taken from the film and I was Tessie, a representation of Rose! 

 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: Getting Shirts Signed  

More signing!

Pool With Friends 

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL: Primary School Uniform Day

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL: Fictional Character Day (Red Queen) 

Red Queen with Rapunzel

Took my Dad, Lil and big brother's clothes! Convenience of having family dominated by men...

ICE SKATING: Friend's 17th Birthday Party

The year still hasn't ended, I still have my University Entrance Exams to own and a Graduation Breakfast and Presentation Night, Christmas and also Leavers at Hong Kong shopping with friends. I will be spending the first day of 2012 in Hong Kong!!!

Heaps more excitement in the future to come! Getting my hair permanently dyed and curled!!! FEELING AND LOOKING NEW as a graduate!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Have A Drink

No time to celebrate with a drink. I am actually currently studying for two exams tomorrow and then another one the next day so I am actually in the midst of a war/nightmare. But just to do a quick post... I am actually drinking vinegar right now. Vinegar?! Yes, you heard right. My mum has been drinking it recently and apparently it is good for your skin and for sleeping.
So through some quick research for myself and for this post here is what I found:

  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Improves blood flow- "thins" the blood
  • Reduces blood pressure- causes blood vessels to expand
  • Dieting- improves metabolism
  • Improves skin tone and condition e.g acne!!
For Apple Cider it can also:
  • Cure a sore throat
  • Assist arthritis! 
But warning: It might harm dental enamel so drink with water and rinse mouth afterwards but don't brush immediately because this can cause damage. Use a straw to prevent the mixture from coating the teeth