Friday, 14 November 2014

Big Cities, Big Dreams

Perth, the underrated city of talent...

Pumping Blood by applesttarPumping Blood
by applesttar

Adelaide Kane, main actress in hit TV series 'Reign' is from Australia. That I knew. And that I talked about in my previous post. But. Adelaide Kane, a famous actress who starred in hit movies such as thriller 'The Purge', is a Perthian. A girl who was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, before moving to Melbourne to cast in Soap Opera: Neighbours, and then eventually moved to where she is now, LA. The city of Angels.Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

This isn't the only famous celebrity who's surprisingly a Perthian. Heath Ledger, one of Hollywood's biggest names, was born in Perth. Gemma Ward, renowned model was also born in Perth. And finally, and not exhausting the list, Hugh Jackman was once a Perthian too. Not born in Perth but his performance journey began in Perth, back in 1994.

It simply is amazing, if not inspiring, how such a small city, that has been so underrated as of late, has produced some of the greatest names. For that, I am proud to be a Perthian. And it proves that it's not only in big cities, where big dreams can come true. They can begin in a small city just like Perth, a city that didn't have Zara or Topshop until a few months ago. A small city that is only getting their first Krispy Kreme shop later this month. A small city that has not been touched by too much of outside influence. 

NY, will you ever love me?
by gnato

Not until of recent years did we start having singers put Perth as one of their tour destinations. Small cities can have big dreams too. I love this. because it says a lot about the limitations we have on ourselves, that they are all false. Measly excuses. It doesn't matter where we were born, where we were raised, in what social class we are in. Success has no boundaries, no limitations. 

You don't have to be born in New York, or in America to become an actor. You don't have to be born in Sydney or Melbourne to be successful. Sure big cities drive big competition and through that we grow and big things happen. But small cities have hidden talent and great potential. Look at the city now, we are flourishing.

This is why I love this city. People want to leave it so badly, and sure I want to see the world, the workings and personalities of other cities. But Perth is a beautiful city and I'm proud to call it my hometown. 

A Perthian girl with big dreams from a small city... (growing city).

Momentatious by applesttar

[Watch this space as something big is happening early December]

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