Friday, 30 November 2012

18th Birthday!!! & DT: Do It Today

Today is my birthday, well the day this post goes up it will be, the one me who's currently typing is still 17 and not of legal age. The day I am typing this is actually 23rd of November and it's the night where I wish I was 18 and could go out because there is an awesome 18+ event on right now (time right now being 11:06PM), literally.

Anyway, here's a DT related to the future, and being 18 there's a really awesome year headed my way. I just know it.

Always cherish today, 'today' being my birthday. I don't want to celebrate it with drinking and acting like a fool in front of all my friends, that I have seen and heard of. I, being inverted enough, want it simple, to just spend it with all my relatives, it's actually the first time I'm spending my birthday in China where all my relatives are so I hope 'right now' I am having heaps of fun (That sounds weird, talking to my future self while you are reading from the future). By the way, just a little interesting fact, tomorrow is my Mum's birthday! Yes, the day after my birthday (: I am my mum's early birthday present, how special.

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Be That Kind Of Person

Daily Thinker #6

If you've read my previous posts you would know that I'm actually not directly publishing these posts but rather scheduling them in advance since I am on holiday. Today I would be at a wedding, my cousins wedding and being a bridesmaid. I hope to bring back photos to share with you all (:

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY, but for now here's a Daily Thinker:

For me it's someone friendly, confident, always smiling and not judgmental. I hope I can be that kind of person and will work very hard towards it. What type of person do you want to meet?

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Daily Thinker #5

Stop being insecure and be confident in yourself because only then will people stop looking down on you.

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Monday, 26 November 2012


Daily Thinker #4

I'm actually not currently in my hometown publishing these posts straight from my laptop but in China or Hong Kong stuffing my face with good food and shopping til I drop (seriously, till my feet are numb and weak and cannot make one more step). But I've set numerous Daily Thinkers on a schedule so you guys will still be hearing from me. (:

But don't worry! I will be back Jan 13th you share my crazy shopping haul of clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags, makeup and cute stationery and notebooks.

But for now here's the Daily Thinker for the day.

In other words, take criticism and turn it into greatness.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas & DT: Follow Your Dreams

Merry Christmas everyone, I wonder how I will celebrate Christmas in China. I don't they even celebrate it here other than a few lights and decorations.

Anyway, Christmas is one of the most magical days of the year and I want to share a DT that's just as magical: Daily Thinker #10

I have dreams, every one had dreams. Some were rather childish dreams. But some stay with you even after maturing. Those are the dreams you should follow, the ones that have stayed with you since forever. Follow them.

Wish you a joyful Christmas guys!

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Friday, 23 November 2012

What's your fear?

Daily Thinker #3

Being judged. My brother once told me that there were only 3 things that stop people from doing things in life, one of them being 'people' and this is what stops me the most. I think for me to truly shine as a person, I really need to get over the fear of being judged. What are you afraid of?

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

AMA-ZING Pink Performance

Seriously! Wow! So much wow I found it necessary to type about it. Pink's performance at the AMAs, if you haven't watched it you must! It's not a typical stage performance in tights with lots of dancers in the background and lights. This one was fantastic! I've never noticed Pink's performances but I don't remember her doing anything this great. I never knew she was such a good dancer! It was a spectacular high-energy contemporary dance. See it for yourself below:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

In Love With Being In Love

by *iNeedChemicalX

Sometimes I think people, girls in general, are just in love with being in love.

I think even without having been in a relationship I am one of them. I am in love with being in love because everything philosophical somehow seems to be related to love for me. The biggest thing that gives it away is that I want a boyfriend, I want to know how it feels to be in a relationship, to have someone to hold and someone to love and love me back. But I don't have anyone in mind really, and this fact just proves that I am in love with being in love, not in love with a person, because this person doesn't even exist yet.

Rewatch Your Dreams

Daily Thinker #2

Wouldn't that be cool? I dream almost every night (i.e. I remember my dreams almost every night, because some say that everyone dreams every night but just don't remember that they dreamed) and some dreams were so cool I could write a bestseller about them. But they are always quite fragmented that when I try to write about them, they fail. Re-watching them would be so cool, especially when some are super lovely like a fantasy.  

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Smart Girls are the Overthinkers

I've realised I really like just posting up interesting pictures/quotes like these. Going to start a new post label just for it: Daily Thinkers. Not going to have one everyday, but one to get people thinking for a day

Well here's the official first Daily Thinker.
For previous interesting thinkers I've posted: 

They all have to do with love but I really don't want that to be the main focus of all my Daily Thinkers, it just so happens this first one (and my previous two) is. 

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dream Closest!

I said I will be back on Friday and today's only Tuesday, so that was a lie. Couldn't help sneak a break and watch E News! Was thrown back by E!'s tour of Lisa Vanderpump's (from The Real Housewives of  Beverley Hill) closet.

Via: Hooked Don Houses
Wish there was a better quality photo but couldn't find one.

And so I just went on to discover more amazing closets online.

Via: Organizingla
For Him, for Her: That's so nice

Via: Houzz
Very Unrealistic: But I love how minimalistic it is

Via: Houzz
Classy: The chandelier is gorgeous

Via: Houzz
Vintage: Very different from all those I've seen, I actually really like this one!

Via: Houzz
For the Guys

Via: Vivilaivy

Mirros, Chandelier, White Sofa... Heaven!

Via: thecityneversleeps-thatmakestwo tumblr
A TV as well? Serious?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Pretty Proud

This was the notice I found on my account homepage.

Louise, we've noticed your excellent academic achievement so far during your studies at UWA and we'd like to let you know about a new opportunity for high achieving students to take up one of a small number of places being made available in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in 2013 . 

My ranking for my statistics unit! Didn't aim for anything other than to just do my best until I saw this! I'm ranked 7th out of 627 people! That's crazy!!

 OVERALL (/50, 50%)

47.4 (/50) HD
7th / 627  in cohort

N=627, Average=30.3, StdDev=10.9

My marks for semester 1, got two High Distinctions and 2 Distinctions.

Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
ACCT1101Financial AccountingCOMPLETED78D6.000
Teaching Period 2012/1AA
Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
ECON1101Microeconomics: Prices and MarketsCOMPLETED84HD6.000
Teaching Period 2012/1
Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
LAWS1120Australian Legal Principles and InstitutionsCOMPLETED78D6.000
MGMT1135Organisational BehaviourCOMPLETED88HD6.000

But then there's my finance unit for this semester. Got 65.5% in my mid semester exam, that is really bad for me. Have the end of semester exam tomorrow, hope I will do well. Have studied all day today (with only meal and snack breaks... as well as to play with my baby cousin, but other than that) and I really hope tomorrow will go alright, that it'll go a lot better than my 65.5%. Got 80.85% in my finance assignment so average is alright. Exam is worth 45% so it's going to make or break me. 

Well that's all for now, until Friday when I have finished all my exams. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Friday, 9 November 2012

Chinese Victoria Secret Supermodels!!

(Love this post? Visit The Faceless Style)

I really shouldn't be doing this, I have a law exam tomorrow, buttt it's at 2 in the afternoon, buttt that's no excuse. I really shouldn't be doing this but I really want to do this. I really want to talk about a new Asian model added to the list of Victoria Secret supermodels!

And it's Shu Pei!
Shu Pei Qin Model Shu Pei Qin walks the runway during the Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show on November 7, 2012 in New York City.

I love all the angels: Candice, Miranda, Karlie, Adriana, Alessandra, Behati, Doutzen ect. ect.
But everyone talks about them, I want to shine some extra light on these three supermodels just because they're just like me. Ha, no, not a supermodel, just like me that we are Chinese :)

First it began with Liu Wen in 2009, then Sui He in 2011, and now Shu Pei in 2012

I really like Liu Wen for her personality: With characteristic humor and modesty Liu Wen said that she was somewhat surprised to be chosen because most Victoria's Secret models "have big boobs."
I really like Sui He for her sweet bubbly smile, I haven't seen any interviews of her but I'm sure she's wonderful too.
And I really like Shu Pei for her overall beauty, she really has the best looks in my opinion out of all the Chinese Supermodels.

Check out my list of favourite Chinese Supermodels here. Liu Wen was ranked first on my list because her personality really shined for me, but Shu Pei was ranked second and I'm so happy she's a Victoria Secret supermodel now!

So happy for her but so disappointed in her because I am not a fan AT all for her fashion choice at the Victoria's Secret after party. She usually has such great taste...
Was hoping all three of them would pose together for a photo, Liu Wen looks lonely now.
I'm really not sure who had the best look out of the three of them for the after-party, all three were rather disappointing, but if I have to choose I'd say Sui He as she looks like she's the one who put the most effort in.

You know, even like this would have been a better outfit choice:
Shu Pei Model Shu Pei attends the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards at Alice Tully Hall on June 4, 2012 in New York City.
Or maybe even something more daring:
Shu Pei Shu Pei attends the Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld cocktail party during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 on March 4, 2011 in Paris, France.

In 2011 backstage for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Marry for Money

Tyra Banks speaks to mothers who are training their young daughters to be gold-diggers.

Here's an interesting comment by a youtuber: A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything. 

To be honest, both money and love can end but I'm really glad that my parents teach me to simply go for what makes me happy, what I believe in. They won't care if I marry a garbage man, as long as we can communicate on the same level because communication is the key to a successful relationship. 

In my opinion, for my own values, I don't care about how much money they have, just as long as they are independent. I work hard in my education, get good grades, study law hoping to get a well-paid job. I don't want to marry a garbage man who relies on me for income no-matter how much he loves me because love changes over time through different situations. Plus it is very demeaning for a man, in most of their own eyes, to have a lot (in a reasonable amount) less income than a woman, no matter how much society has changed over the years.

Educated people talk with a different frame of mind, if my garbage man husband isn't intelligent (he doesn't have to be study smart, just life smart) then I won't be able to communicate with him. No matter how independent I can be financially, I still want to know that I have someone I can rely on emotionally. If my garbage man husband can do that for me, and willing to stick by me and not be bothered by my higher income then it's all good. But this is very hard to find in reality. I don't have to marry someone wealthy, just someone well educated and hard working, must most importantly love me.

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just an Interesting Thought

This is more interesting when you're single. So what do you think?

Procrastinating again, kind of. Well I thought I'll share a new thought that has come into my mind since my mind does not want to think about work. It's something about what I've realised I would really need in a guy, and that is patience.

You see sometimes I can be really slow, or simply really indecisive. I don't think patience is a common attribute in guys, that's more of an attribute found in women. But nevertheless, I think that's the vital thing I seek for in a guy. And it's not that type of patience where it only exists because they like me and are willing to put up with me, because it won't last. Once their infatuation with me ends after a few months (or a year), so will their patience, and the relationship will just go downhill from there.

So yes, patience guys.

I don't intend to have a relationship anytime soon, not part of my life's plan. However relationships are not something you can really plan, I mean when it comes it comes but I'll try my best to avoid it... I'll see if they have the patience to wait for me, I guess it'll be a real test.    

That's also why I'd prefer being friends before being bf/gf cause then I can really get to know someone (ie. if they have patience) before putting my emotions of the line.

Grrrr, got to study, STOP PROCRASTINATING! Been slacking all semester, I can't afford to slack for any longer!

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