Tuesday, 20 November 2012

AMA-ZING Pink Performance

Seriously! Wow! So much wow I found it necessary to type about it. Pink's performance at the AMAs, if you haven't watched it you must! It's not a typical stage performance in tights with lots of dancers in the background and lights. This one was fantastic! I've never noticed Pink's performances but I don't remember her doing anything this great. I never knew she was such a good dancer! It was a spectacular high-energy contemporary dance. See it for yourself below:

"The singer did a variety of rolls and cartwheels and was even thrown onto a bed before later swinging from a chandelier. As the routine heated up, Pink smashed a pane of glass to reveal flames behind which developed into a blazing inferno behind the walls at the back of the stage. The sensual routine, which depicts a love story inspired by the Apache Dance, is similar to that seen in the music video of the song."


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