Sunday, 4 November 2012

Just an Interesting Thought

This is more interesting when you're single. So what do you think?

Procrastinating again, kind of. Well I thought I'll share a new thought that has come into my mind since my mind does not want to think about work. It's something about what I've realised I would really need in a guy, and that is patience.

You see sometimes I can be really slow, or simply really indecisive. I don't think patience is a common attribute in guys, that's more of an attribute found in women. But nevertheless, I think that's the vital thing I seek for in a guy. And it's not that type of patience where it only exists because they like me and are willing to put up with me, because it won't last. Once their infatuation with me ends after a few months (or a year), so will their patience, and the relationship will just go downhill from there.

So yes, patience guys.

I don't intend to have a relationship anytime soon, not part of my life's plan. However relationships are not something you can really plan, I mean when it comes it comes but I'll try my best to avoid it... I'll see if they have the patience to wait for me, I guess it'll be a real test.    

That's also why I'd prefer being friends before being bf/gf cause then I can really get to know someone (ie. if they have patience) before putting my emotions of the line.

Grrrr, got to study, STOP PROCRASTINATING! Been slacking all semester, I can't afford to slack for any longer!

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