Friday, 2 November 2012


Am I lying? Well it's not the complete truth, so don't get excited. No, I have not just found my first boyfriend... But I have told someone for the first time that I have a boyfriend... who is in fact 'imaginary.' How sad... right? lol :/

by ~LindaDomina

Anyway, here's the story:

I have been working as a part-time tutor, earning the good money. And I met this one guy, Middle-Eastern and in his twenties, who wants me to tutor him in economics, which is fine. So I meet up with him at my house (with my family at home) and we do a little introductory lesson, just seeing where I need to help him. The lesson finishes and that's the end of it, for 6 months (no contact from him). 

Recently, just a few days ago, he calls me. I ask him how I could help, ie. why are you calling me? He tells me he's sorry he's been away for a while and wants to catch up... something along those lines. I wonder why he's still calling me since the university he goes to has already finished exams and the beginning of the next semester is in 4 months time, he could not possibly be wanting me to tutor him 4 months in advance, despite him hinting to me how hard working he is from our first lesson. So I tell him I can't meet up because I have exams, which is true, and that I'm going on holidays straight after exams, semi-true. So the conversation ends and he tells me that we should catch up when I finish exams, before I go away for holiday. In my mind at the time: 'not going to happen'.

I've realised I am actually really naive, ignorant, innocent... however you may put it, because I really DID NOT think much of it. Until just now. A text message:

"Hello how are u? What's your plan for the weekend?" 

The weekend is a rather personal thing to ask about, we were NOT friends, I have only seen him once and talked to him (briefly) three times. Him and I being only in a tutor-student relationship meant this was very out of place and unusual. Luckily I was in the car with my older brother, who knew exactly what was going on and was the perfect advisor.   I showed him the message, laughing at it on the outside but inside I scared and confused as hell . "He obviously likes you," he tells me. That just set the panic alarms ringing. It was creepy. And so here comes the relevance of the title, my brother advised me to text him back saying that I was going to go to the movies with my boyfriend. So I did, but I attempted to sound more natural:

"I'm good, I'm planning on studying and just going to the movies with my boyfriend."

A minute later:

"Cool good luck with your study :)"

I instantly notice how he pedaled away from wherever he aimed to go with the conversation. I hope I'm not being bias because realisations could spark more realisations or simply biases and I really cannot tell the difference sometimes. But really, here he could have still told me what he wanted, e.g. "Oh, well I hope to meet up with you and talk about my economics unit and that you could help me prepare sometime this weekend. But now that I know you're busy, good luck with your study." Something like that? But no. So anyway, I text back:

"Thanks" thinking that was the end of it.

7 minutes later:

" :) "

I'm scared. I am NOT going to meet up with this guy again. Nope, not going to happen. He can find someone else to tutor him. I hope never calls again but I don't think he's got the idea. That last smiley face may be sent because he's not Westernised enough and didn't know that guys don't generally send emoticons but I'm not stupid enough to mistake kindness for an 'approach'. Maybe not stupid enough? Maybe he's just being kind? Because he was a very nice person from the lesson we had... No, he is being kind, but for the wrong reason. Safer to think this, I guess, best to be more cautious and just avoid any unnecessary future contact. 

by *micmojo

So yes, apparently I have a boyfriend now, it's a cool feeling, sometimes saying certain things aloud or writing it out (instead of keeping stuff in the mind) brings a certain sense of truth to it, like bringing something false to life and making it seem real (if you know what I mean) and it feels nice to think that what I wrote back was true. But let me clarify, he's imaginary, I don't have a boyfriend and still have never had one. This kind of 'thing' coming from strangers may have happened to girls everywhere, and maybe even many times. But this is my first time and this blog was brought to existence to record my psychological and moral growth, this needs to be recorded here.

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