Friday, 30 November 2012

18th Birthday!!! & DT: Do It Today

Today is my birthday, well the day this post goes up it will be, the one me who's currently typing is still 17 and not of legal age. The day I am typing this is actually 23rd of November and it's the night where I wish I was 18 and could go out because there is an awesome 18+ event on right now (time right now being 11:06PM), literally.

Anyway, here's a DT related to the future, and being 18 there's a really awesome year headed my way. I just know it.

Always cherish today, 'today' being my birthday. I don't want to celebrate it with drinking and acting like a fool in front of all my friends, that I have seen and heard of. I, being inverted enough, want it simple, to just spend it with all my relatives, it's actually the first time I'm spending my birthday in China where all my relatives are so I hope 'right now' I am having heaps of fun (That sounds weird, talking to my future self while you are reading from the future). By the way, just a little interesting fact, tomorrow is my Mum's birthday! Yes, the day after my birthday (: I am my mum's early birthday present, how special.

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