Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mum's birthday! & DT: Nothing is More Rare

Daily Thinker #8

Today is my mum's birthday and I want to dedicate today's DT to her, the most amazing, powerful woman I know. Mother's are amazing people. My mum truly is a miracle bestowed upon my brothers and I, sacrificing herself for us three spoilt, but loving, children. She really spoils us, she does all the chores, drives me around when I need to go somewhere, treats us regularly by buying nonessential things for us, cooks delicious food for us by giving so much thought and effort into every meal and being careful not to repeat the same dishes too many times. She knows me too well too, buying my favourite food when I felt like eating it, and I didn't even tell her! She reads minds this crazy but wonderful woman!!

She is so strong too, she sacrifices herself physically, mentally and emotionally for the family. I love you Mum and I will be sure not to just let these unread words be unheard by you. I will be sure to let you know today how much you mean to me, to us.

And here's the DT of the day.

Be an amazing woman. I wish to be the same strong amazing woman my mother is. But above all, to all women out there, even to my mother, learn to love your imperfections, that is where the true beauty lies.
And Mum, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May no more grief or sadness but happiness and joyful tears be bestowed upon you. We are growing up, we are beginning earn a living, so don't worry, we will help you look after this family, we will always remember what you have done for us. Most of all, know that we will return all your love and more.

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