Monday, 5 November 2012

Marry for Money

Tyra Banks speaks to mothers who are training their young daughters to be gold-diggers.

Here's an interesting comment by a youtuber: A woman's loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything. 

To be honest, both money and love can end but I'm really glad that my parents teach me to simply go for what makes me happy, what I believe in. They won't care if I marry a garbage man, as long as we can communicate on the same level because communication is the key to a successful relationship. 

In my opinion, for my own values, I don't care about how much money they have, just as long as they are independent. I work hard in my education, get good grades, study law hoping to get a well-paid job. I don't want to marry a garbage man who relies on me for income no-matter how much he loves me because love changes over time through different situations. Plus it is very demeaning for a man, in most of their own eyes, to have a lot (in a reasonable amount) less income than a woman, no matter how much society has changed over the years.

Educated people talk with a different frame of mind, if my garbage man husband isn't intelligent (he doesn't have to be study smart, just life smart) then I won't be able to communicate with him. No matter how independent I can be financially, I still want to know that I have someone I can rely on emotionally. If my garbage man husband can do that for me, and willing to stick by me and not be bothered by my higher income then it's all good. But this is very hard to find in reality. I don't have to marry someone wealthy, just someone well educated and hard working, must most importantly love me.

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