Sunday, 18 November 2012

In Love With Being In Love

by *iNeedChemicalX

Sometimes I think people, girls in general, are just in love with being in love.

I think even without having been in a relationship I am one of them. I am in love with being in love because everything philosophical somehow seems to be related to love for me. The biggest thing that gives it away is that I want a boyfriend, I want to know how it feels to be in a relationship, to have someone to hold and someone to love and love me back. But I don't have anyone in mind really, and this fact just proves that I am in love with being in love, not in love with a person, because this person doesn't even exist yet.

I must sort this 'in love with being in love' thing before I actually enter into a relationship because being 'in love with being in love' is detrimental. So many girls are such and it's really bad. No one should be in love with being in love, that's not what you're suppose to love when in a relationship, you're suppose to love the person. Just shows that you don't actually love the person that much, just the feeling.

by *AnnShakti
Plus the feeling of 'being in love' fades. It's not really in love with being in 'love' but in love with being 'infatuated'. That thrilling feeling, where you go crazy, head over heels, missing someone night and day, constantly, every single second filled with thoughts of them, one touch and it sends electric tingling sensations down your spine, one look and it sends you blushing, one smile and it makes you happy for hours. That feeling doesn't last and neither would your relationship if it was based solely on that feeling you confuse for 'love'.

Learn to love yourself before you love someone else. Then can you learn to not love for merely the sake of the feeling and end up devastated and alone. I too must master this. 

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