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Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012

Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012
Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012 Concludes in HK
The final round of the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012 was held in Hong Kong on October 27, 2012, attended by 12 finalists out of which Zhang Ziqi was crowned first place while Xu Jing and Ding Xiaosen won second and third place.  

On a personal note, before I go into what the title is about, I recently found out that the guy I've had a 10 month crush on is in a relationship. Strange thing is that all of his profile pics are not visible to people other than his friends EXCEPT for this one with his new girlfriend who looks really pretty. To say I'm not jealous is a lie, but I do wish them well, like I have the first time (when I first met him and he wasn't single). Another conversation with a guy friend has opened me up to something again, a relationship needs not just attraction but also connection. I have an attraction towards this guy but we have NO connection, I haven't even had a decent conversation with him, it's just my extremely good observation of him when I was with him that led me to understand more about his character. But seriously, this is a good sign that he's got a new girlfriend, i can finally move on once and for all. 

This is what I posted in my deviantart journal to release some emotions the very moment I found out about his new gf:

My (girl) friend told me that it's a good thing too since I found it so hard to move on (seeing him for 2 days and falling for him for 10 months... yes, seriously). She has said something that felt really reassuring and nice: "it just means there is a different guy waiting for you somewhere out there :)". We both believe in destiny and this just means that he's not my destined one, I shouldn't waste time on someone who doesn't belong in my life. On another point, this really shows how emotional I can get so getting into a relationship anytime soon may be a REALLY bad idea, I don't think I can handle the emotional trauma that may come with a relationship when they get a bit rocky. 

I did in one of my posts not very long again that I hoped I would not talk about 'him' anymore as I was set on forgetting about him, and this new discovery is going to be a real driving force for me moving forward. 

Ok, back to the topic of the title... Recently Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2012 was broadcasted life on Phoenix TV (Chinese TV Channel). To get my mind off 'guys', seeing beautiful (inner and outer) women with great accomplishments in their studies and other parts of their lives is really motivating. I'd love to participate in the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant because it's so prestigious and will be such a great accomplishment however everyone speaks Mandarin and I speak Cantonese instead (different dialect). I can understand a bit of Mandarin but I really want to be fluent in it, there's so many things that will be a lot easier if I was. But before any big pageants, the first one I intend to participate in is the Miss Chinese WA pageant held locally, which, if I won, will provide me with many opportunities to other pageants like Miss Chinese World!

Top five contestants in the finale of 2012 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant pose on the stage in South China's Hong Kong, October 27, 2012. A total of twelve contestants participated in the finale. Zhang Ziqi from Australia Region claimed the crown. Photo: Xinhua
Left to right: 1st, 3rd, 2nd, top 5, top 5
Zhang Ziqi from Australia Region claimed the crown, no.3.   

Miss Chinese WA Pageant 2012
Left to Right: 3rd, 1st, 2010 1st, 2nd

Murdoch University chiropractic student Kimberley Lye was the judges’ choice as the 2012 Miss Chinese WA. She won the title from the first runner-up Sunny He and second runner-up Carrie Li.

Applications for Miss Chinese WA Pageant 2013 is open: 

Wonder who the 2013 winner will be....

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