Monday, 12 November 2012

Pretty Proud

This was the notice I found on my account homepage.

Louise, we've noticed your excellent academic achievement so far during your studies at UWA and we'd like to let you know about a new opportunity for high achieving students to take up one of a small number of places being made available in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) in 2013 . 

My ranking for my statistics unit! Didn't aim for anything other than to just do my best until I saw this! I'm ranked 7th out of 627 people! That's crazy!!

 OVERALL (/50, 50%)

47.4 (/50) HD
7th / 627  in cohort

N=627, Average=30.3, StdDev=10.9

My marks for semester 1, got two High Distinctions and 2 Distinctions.

Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
ACCT1101Financial AccountingCOMPLETED78D6.000
Teaching Period 2012/1AA
Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
ECON1101Microeconomics: Prices and MarketsCOMPLETED84HD6.000
Teaching Period 2012/1
Unit CodeUnit NameStatusMarkGradeAchieved CP
LAWS1120Australian Legal Principles and InstitutionsCOMPLETED78D6.000
MGMT1135Organisational BehaviourCOMPLETED88HD6.000

But then there's my finance unit for this semester. Got 65.5% in my mid semester exam, that is really bad for me. Have the end of semester exam tomorrow, hope I will do well. Have studied all day today (with only meal and snack breaks... as well as to play with my baby cousin, but other than that) and I really hope tomorrow will go alright, that it'll go a lot better than my 65.5%. Got 80.85% in my finance assignment so average is alright. Exam is worth 45% so it's going to make or break me. 

Well that's all for now, until Friday when I have finished all my exams. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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