Saturday, 3 November 2012

Smiling because Life is Good

I've always been a very shy kid ever since I was young, in primary school I normally just had one or two people I would call 'my friend'. Sometimes when they were sick or just weren't at school I would really dread lunch time and other break times because that would mean I would be alone, and I hated being alone... in front of people. I'm a weird one, I want to stand out but I feel awkward and uncomfortable under attention. I really care about how others view me, I hate eating alone, even til this day I'd rather be in the uni library doing work than eat on the lawn by myself. I am the type that would choose to eat in the toilet cubicle, if the toilet was not a toilet and was an enclosed suitable clean place to eat. 

But I have changed a lot from my primary school days, I am a little less awkward in front of strangers (people I haven't met before), there are still awkward moments when I am silent and just staring of into space when those around me talk with each other... but I'm more willing to enter into a conversation and just let myself go and talk talk talk. If there's one thing that I really go by, when I am uncomfortable and shy and awkward, is smile. Just smile when they talk, and just smile when I talk. Smiling is the answer to EVERYTHING, not an uneasy smile, or a fake smile, but a genuine happy smile to wipe away all uncertainty in myself. Because smiling makes people like you, makes people not judge you, makes people want to know you! 
by *AnjaRoehrich

Plus, right now life is great, so why not smile more? Seriously, my life is awesome right now, yes, we all have our own little issues and worries, but takes those away, my life is pretty great! Learn to cherish it! Family life is great, friends life is great, school life is great, job life is great and no love life is great! But I always believe that when you're lucky, bad luck is just around the corner, but same goes with when you're unlucky, good luck is just around the corner, luck balances out. You win something, you lose something and vice versa. Life is great now and it's hard for it to be bias on you and stay great so I'm appreciating every moment of it. Small bad luck can come but I will know good luck will be on its way too. I don't know what people call this theory or if this theory even exists, its not karma... but this theory really helps people get by in life. Makes people appreciate what they have a lot more when they accept the fact that bad times will come, but also more positive when they are feeling really low, to know that this won't last forever, the good times will come very soon. 

Big examples are from famous people, like Miss World  2011, she was an orphan and life was dreadful for her, but the bright light came into her life finally when she won the title of Miss World and was given a great opportunity for a new positive life. Or Hong Kong actress Gigi Lai who was the granddaughter of Lai Man-Wai, a key figure of the first generation of Hong Kong filmmakers. Her father was deaf and when her family went bankrupt, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 to earn money to support her family and her younger brother's education in England. But bad things didn't last forever because later in her life she became a very successful actress being nicknamed Hong Kong's "Goddess of Beauty" and having won Most Popular Actress Award at the 2004 TVB Anniversary Awards. She's even married to a wealthy man who loves her a lot, and she is now a mother of 2 daughters. Another example I've heard of was of a lottery jackpot winner who's partner had a serious illness that required a lot of money to treat, having such bad luck in having the illness was somewhat balanced out by winning the lotto. 

Or in the contrast for this theory, in 1998, William "Bud" Post III won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania lottery. His brother hired a hit man to try to kill him and his sixth wife (and was arrested for doing so), other relatives made him invest in businesses that never paid off, a landlady made him give her a third of his winnings, and Post "spent time in jail for firing a gun over the head of a bill collector." He declared bankruptcy and, in 2006, at the age of, 66, "died of respiratory failure... at a Pittsburgh area hospital." There's plenty of other tragic stories of lottery winners, some about murder, some about suicide, some about imprisonment for drug and prostitution, loved ones dying etc... See the stories here. Many celebrities may be living the glamorous life and envied for their success in their careers but have you thought about their love life? There may  be luck in their careers but not so much luck in their love lives. 

by *idzpowinoiniewracaj

You may see people who seem like they have the most perfect life ever but behind closed doors, there's bound to be sad or tragic things you don't know about. So to every human being out there, here's what you should know: don't take things for granted but also don't assume that bad times will last forever.  Luck balances out, always. It may not be in such extreme forms as my examples where half their life was bad and then half their life was good, or the other way around, but it can happen in small events like losing a USB with all your work in it but counteracted by receiving one of your assignments back and have achieved exceptionally well! It has happened to me. Another example that has happened to me was just one of those days that don't go smoothly, I wanted to enrol in a unit but after SO much effort I still couldn't, but I ended up finding money on the ground at the end of the day (note also that the unit I wanted to enrol in ended up being very tiresome, so I'm glad I didn't end up doing it).   
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  1. Very inspirational post & so glad to hear that everything has come together in your life<3


  2. thank you, glad you find it inspirational :)