Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Dream Closest!

I said I will be back on Friday and today's only Tuesday, so that was a lie. Couldn't help sneak a break and watch E News! Was thrown back by E!'s tour of Lisa Vanderpump's (from The Real Housewives of  Beverley Hill) closet.

Via: Hooked Don Houses
Wish there was a better quality photo but couldn't find one.

And so I just went on to discover more amazing closets online.

Via: Organizingla
For Him, for Her: That's so nice

Via: Houzz
Very Unrealistic: But I love how minimalistic it is

Via: Houzz
Classy: The chandelier is gorgeous

Via: Houzz
Vintage: Very different from all those I've seen, I actually really like this one!

Via: Houzz
For the Guys

Via: Vivilaivy

Via: peace.love.decor
Mirros, Chandelier, White Sofa... Heaven!

Via: thecityneversleeps-thatmakestwo tumblr
A TV as well? Serious?

Via: hollisterbabe56 tumblr

Via: woodenbrickwalls tumblr
I really like the cosy attic look. This place looks like a store though, with that one long rail.
Love the romantic decorations

Via: Elsonista
Now this just looks like a shop.

Via: runninginstilettoslkn
Another: For Her, For Him. Amazing dresses

Reminds me of horses, Polo shirts and the country hills.

Both Via: ashleigh7xo tumblr
Another for Him, for Her.

Via: fashionistazapatista tumbrl
Something more realistic... sort of.

Via: enchantedtomeeetyou tumblr
Look at the colour coordination!

Via: melissa-amanda tumblr

Via: situnderthesun tumblr
Would love something like this to sort out my messy jewellery heap

Via: deadfix

Via: indulgy
WOW! The decor for this is unbelievable! Really into the patterned walls.

Via: trendstruck
All White.

Via: indulgy

Planning to expand my wardrobe, right now it's a one door closest, by buying a two door KOMPLEMENT closet from Ikea.

Only two frames from this ... 7 frame closet.


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