Friday, 14 June 2013

The Patriot Yue Fei

From wikipedia:

The Patriot Yue Fei is an upcoming Chinese television series based on the biography of Yue Fei, a Song Dynasty general widely regarded as a patriot and national hero in Chinese culture. While the plot is based on historical sources, it also includes elements of fiction and draws ideas from the novel Shuo Yue Quanzhuan (說岳全傳) and other folk tales on the general's life. Filming started in 2011 and the series is expected to be released in 2013. It will also be the first Chinese historical television series to be broadcast on HBOHuang Xiaoming stars as the titular character, and the supporting cast includes Gallen LoShao BingYu Rongguang, Allen Ting, Zhou Bin, Steve YooRuby Lin, and Cecilia Liu. It will broadcast on July 2013.

Wikipedia says it's "the first Chinese historical television series to be broadcast on HBO" which I think makes this series a definite worth of our time. It has an amazing cast: China's famous heartthrob Huang Xiaoming, the beautiful queen of historical dramas Ruby Lin, and also the main character of my favourite Ancient Chinese drama so far Bu Bu Jing Xing Cecilia Liu. These three have a special place in my heart and for them to be in the same production makes me so happy. It's a fantasy. Can't wait to see it when it comes out this July. Yue Fei does in fact end up dying a not-so-natural death which makes me somewhat hesitant to watch the entire series as I am not one that copes well with sad endings, I can become depressed for a whole week afterwards. I hope will be having it on their website so I can watch it with English subtitles. It's going to be in Mandarin and I can only understand Cantonese fluently. Either way, I can't wait to see the chemistry between Ruby and Xiaoming, and just Xiaoming's handsome face!!  


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