Monday, 10 October 2011

Have A Drink

No time to celebrate with a drink. I am actually currently studying for two exams tomorrow and then another one the next day so I am actually in the midst of a war/nightmare. But just to do a quick post... I am actually drinking vinegar right now. Vinegar?! Yes, you heard right. My mum has been drinking it recently and apparently it is good for your skin and for sleeping.
So through some quick research for myself and for this post here is what I found:

  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Improves blood flow- "thins" the blood
  • Reduces blood pressure- causes blood vessels to expand
  • Dieting- improves metabolism
  • Improves skin tone and condition e.g acne!!
For Apple Cider it can also:
  • Cure a sore throat
  • Assist arthritis! 
But warning: It might harm dental enamel so drink with water and rinse mouth afterwards but don't brush immediately because this can cause damage. Use a straw to prevent the mixture from coating the teeth

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