Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ideas for Red Carpet Event


Taking inspiration from the famous Ruby Lin who has a similar face shape as me

Tied up, low and at the back. Fringe down

Swirled/wavy fringe

Tied up, loose bun, fringe clipped back.

Tied back (with fringe), very loose.

Creative masterpiece at the front of head by pulling all hair tightly to the top.

Makeup & Hair

Dramatic night makeup with creative masterpiece hair on top.


Soft pink lips and dramatic eyes.

Soft pink lips and less dramatic eyes

Semi dramatic eyes with nude pink lips


White dresses at the Red Carpet

Selena Gomez with simple white dress, nude heels, long earings and thin bangle

Emma Watson with shiny white dress, metallic silver heels and short dangling earings

Cameron Diaz with simple structured white dress, thin white bangle, gold and nude heels and studded earings.

Korean celebrities with more white dresses paired with gold bangles and dangling earings

I've actually already decided on the dress, it was one that I fell in love with when I was shopping for a graduation dress but it was $400 back then. Recently my mum went shopping at Myers and found the dress on sale! It was slashed down to $50! It's a short white dress with a nude bra-looking upper area, thick straps, and draped with white fabric over it. The material of the entire dress isn't too shiny/glowy so I need to pair it with some extra shiny accessories. I've got two silver/white bangles sorted but now I am deciding whether I should pair the top area with long earings or a necklace, or maybe just leave it, but will it not be 'glam' enough for the red carpet? Will it be too 'glam'? I don't know, just wait and see. 

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