Tuesday, 7 August 2012

100th blog post!!! My Olympian Heartthrob

Kind of inappropriate to dedicate such an important post to a new crush . Since I do have many crushes, and find new crushes easily and quickly... The last few crushes I've written about, only one of them still stands . And this new crush on Chen Long, Chinese badminton player and London Olympics Singles Men Bronze winner, looks just like the guy I still have a crush on. Tall, Chinese, mono-lid, well-built.

But this is Olympics related and it is Olympics time right now so there's an excuse for me to dedicate this to him. I'm sure you readers have your Olympian crushes too, you are all very welcome to share your Olympian crushes below in the comments. Actually, I highly encourage you all to share, please, because I don't want to be the weird one talking about my Olympian crush in so much depth to people who don't even care (but as you read on, you will realise how much laughter I experienced during my realisation of a new crush). I've realised most people have crushes on tennis players and soccer players so it'll be interesting to find out about other attractive athletes out there for a wide range of sports.

So back to my Olympian crush. I did mention he is well-built, and being an athlete, it is obvious he will be. And when I say well-built... well you guys can be the judge:


Look at those abs! Drool. I'm starting to feel somewhat embarrassed by what I'm typing now... Sorry if what I'm saying makes you cringe. He may not be as crazy-built as Chris Evans from Captain America (which I also have a crush on because I just recently watched the amazing movie, but I have to say, my crush on Evans is not as great as the one I have on Chen because Evans is not Chinese and Evans is not Captain America in real life) 

The height initially is what brought Chen Long to my attention, 1.89m! Asians are rarely, rarely that tall. And a tall guy is a weak point of mine. But I must say, it's not just the appearance that's attractive, I do need inner beauty to really fall for someone and what's great about him is that he's obviously very hard-working since he's an athlete, an Olympian. I really admire hard-working people because I am a very hard-working person too. Those who have endured blood and sweat just to work towards their ambitions. 

He's also an intelligent man. How do I know? Because badminton isn't just about the body, it's about the mind too: How well you can predict your opponent's moves and tactics. It's all in the mind. He was amazing on that court, truly inspiring!! I was amazed at how fast he reacted to the smallest of moves that Lee Hyun Il, his opponent, made. 

And he seems polite/kind too. How? Well he would apologise, even when it wasn't necessary, like for example once for accidentally hitting the shuttle cock onto his opponent's body and another time for not being on the court yet when his opponent was already waiting (he didn't really need to be on there yet, he just got off the court a few seconds ago, no apology was needed), he just kept on apologising for the simplest of things. Yes, these small things are not enough to draw a conclusion about his person. But the hardworking factor and intelligence factor really is a great part of him. His face is cute (because of his eyes I guess) whilst his body is really hot (obviously because of those abs). Love the combo. 

Seeing him win that Bronze medal was heart-warming. That complete joy that he felt as he fell to the floor with his two fists and closed eyes, almost like he was crying, was really moving.

And guess what? He's only 23.

Hahahaha, I was watching Chen Long's match against Lee Hyun Il with my little brother and kept talking about his amazing height and skills on the court. My little brother realised I had a crush on him and would give me a disgusted face. I, being the awesome sister I am, rubbed it in. I would squeal when he took off his shirt to change into a dry one in between rounds, and everytime he lifted up his shirt on the courts to wipe off sweat from his face. Oh, and how funny my little's brother's expression would be. 

The match was all on foxtel so I told my little brother to pause it on his topless body, I was being sarcastic, but it was hilarious seeing his reaction to my words. Also, his name is Chen Long and my name is Chen Louise sooo on the back of his shirt says CHEN L, my name!! And I pointed this out too, telling my little brother he was celebrating my existance, ROFL! I also pointed out that it was a men's singles match. Oh, it was so much fun annoying my little brother, even going so far as to call Chen Long his brother-in-law. I'm just too great of a sister.

So who's your athlete/Olympian heartthrob?

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  1. I was reading this and I was imagining your expression in my mind when you see him! I realised, wow, there is a person in the other side of globe who finds crushes easily and lives them like a crazy girl (in a good way) just like me. I have crushes on soccer players (I love soccer and you can find so many hot and beautiful men), actors, singers ...
    I watched the olympic games (I love sports and since I'm in vacations I had much time to watch the games) but unbelievably I didn't see any badminton match! Oh God, what I missed?! I had like 3/4 channels where passed the games but I never saw any badminton match!!! I really think I should write a letter protesting against that. The boy is HOT, he really is, and I love abs, and tall men! Wow... And considering what you wrote he seems to be so nice and sweet. 
    But, from the games I watched I find two crushes (yes, two, I can't choose only one of them). They are named by Tom Daley and Chris Mears. They are both British and they compete in Springboard Diving. Tom has a baby face, but he's so cute and a beautiful smile. And then we have Chris, I don't know to explain, but he's something, something that catches you! And yes, they have both hot bodies :)

  2. :D YES! There is a girl on the other side of the globe just like me!Abs+height is absolutely breathtaking :) 

    I googled Tom Daley and Chris Mears, and like all Olympians, they do have an amazingly attractive body. In my opinion I prefer Chris Mears over Tom Daley because Chris seems more mature in appearance. But you are right, Tom has a really beautiful smile.

    Olympians in the water, gosh, what they wear, too, makes it hard not to find a crush in the water. Hahaha, thanks for sharing <3