Friday, 17 August 2012

Friend's Casino Las Vegas 18th Birthday Party

A week ago it was my high school friend's 18th. She held the party at her house and even set up a dance floor in her garage. Was pretty awesome I have to say! The theme was Casino Las Vegas so we all had to dress up all rich and wealthy. I simply wore my year 11 Dinner Dance cocktail dress which is gold, perfect for the occasion, and then paired it up with the earings I bought for the MSU Red Carpet Event. I only have three photos because I was the photographer for the night, and didn't have the chance to get in many photos since I was directly behind the camera the entire night. But EVERYONE loved my photos and I'm so proud. So many people were changing their Facebook profile pics to those taken by me <3. 

Blurring Disco/Garage

Birthday Girl in the Middle! Happy Birthday, Girl!

Sadly, the party ended on a bad note for the birthday girl and a friend she invited, a guy stole their iphones and ran away to Singapore, literally, no joke. 

He's the main suspect since he was the only guy my friend didn't know, he was a +1, the cousin of a friend of hers. And he had on a huge leather biker jacket on with many pockets and was just really quiet the entire night.

He wasn't from Perth, and he went back home to Singapore literally the next morning. What a heartless thief. A thief is bad, but a thief that steals from a birthday girl, who is kind enough to provide you with drinks and food and music, on HER birthday is plain heartless. I hope karma catches up with him.

Other than that.... we all had a wonderful night.  

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1 comment:

  1. I like your dress and that pink dress the girl in last picture is wearing (I like the color and the fabric).
    About the thief, he's really heartless, how can anyone steal something in a birthday party?! I will never understand how can people steal whatever it may be, how they sleep at night?! I can even understand when someone steal some piece of food because don't have money to buy it, but you can live without having one iphone!
    But thankfully apart from the thief the party was wonderful. And happy birthday for your friend, she has a beautiful smile :)