Sunday, 29 July 2012

More Gorgeous Dress Designs

This time instead of creating designs for just anything that comes into mind, I decided to take a different approach. I wanted to create a collection, something that runway designers do where all the pieces from the one collection have similar aspects. Here I've drawn six pieces for two separate collections, 'unnamed'. 

Uni is beginning again, this time semester 2, round 2. Ding Ding. I've started on some photos for my Infatuations blog but have not come around posting them up yet because I want it to be a continuous every month thing and since I am lacking the time and motivation/inspiration, I've decided to take my time on establishing this new blog. I hope as I go back into study mode, my procrastinating mood will bring me inspiration and the drive to start up this amazing idea i have for this Infatuations blog. 

But right now I have piano lessons to focus on too, my exams for the 5th grade will be this term, in the coming months, so I have to practice practice practice.... Less time moving my fingers on my laptop and more time moving them on my piano. This only means that the new blog may be pushed back even later but no worries, no one knows what to expect so there's no rush. 

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  1. :D Thank you for such a long comment, I really appreciate your thoughts on what your favourite dress is. 

    Haha, I am indeed in university now, it's my first year. I am studying Commerce in my first 3 years, majoring in Finance and Business Law. I also have an assured pathway into Postgraduate Law which I will study for 3 more years on top. And no, I am not studying fashion design if you were wondering :D but I am really interested in it though. 
    Thanks for your comment once again ;)

  2. I always love your sketches. You're such an amazing designer, I hope see in a few years a fashion show with your own collection! I love the deep V dresses, and my favourite is the last one. This one is very sexy and feminine, andI like the high split. I love the top of the 2nd deep V dress.
    You have piano lessons, that it's great! Are you in university, right? Can I ask you which degree course are you on?
    Beijinhos ❤ kisses

  3. really pretty designs! ur so artistic!

    Laura x