Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another Girl Crush: Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei is a female singer and actress from Hong Kong. Here's a photo of her:


Guess how old she is.... she has such a baby face she could pass as a teenager, but truth is, she's way pass her teens. She was born on August 11, 1981, which makes her 30 right now! YES, she's 30! Unbelievable right? 

Here's a short biography from wiki, the lazy way:
Fiona Sit attended Island School and studied Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong until 2004. She used to be a part-time model, shooting for adverts and magazines.
Owing to her uncle Peter Wong, who was Senior management in Capital Artists, she had the opportunity to have a test and finally signed a deal withWarner Music Hong Kong to be an artist.

Her songs are really diverse too, some really cute and fun, some emotional, and some really mature and edgy. 

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I love how in the first MV for 9:55pm, she goes through so many roles too, all extremely different and she still manages to pull them off, especially the one with the large round glasses. And another thing I really like about her is her fluent English, there's no weird Asian accent and I really love her for that.

Despite having made it famous as a singer, she's a well respected actress too, having landed main leads in series and movies. The latest movie staring Chapman To, Mr and Mrs Gambler, the poster reminds me so much of Mr and Mrs Smith and I assume it's suppose to be a comedy spin-off of that movie? Two gamblers, instead of spies?

Now I'm keen to watch it. Here's the trailer:

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    1. Hi! I've never heard of blogging education so no, I havent been educated in that aspect before. what makes you think I may have? :D that's a real compliment