Sunday, 1 July 2012

Black Kicks

I'm pretty sure I have posted these photos up, but I can't seem to find them on my blog. Which only means that I have not in actual fact done so. These were back to my last holiday to Guangzhou when I dyed and permanently curled my hair. My body seems out of shape compared to back then. Need to go exercise more often now, to get my health back on track, not just my size.

My mum didn't like the dress but I liked it at the time, seeing this photo, I love it even more. You don't know what you could have had until it's gone... :'( 

Versace for H&M!

Was only $80 at H&M in Guangzhou! Why didn't I get them??? I'm such a saver... Seeing those photos, I still miss them. But $80 for a casual-working 16 year old girl was a lot.

Wedges were the craze a while back, and I was all head over heels for them...WAS. But this pair brings it all back. Gorgeous cuts and outlines. Especially the colour, it really works for me. Better than the all too contrasting 'white'.

Seductive looking heels! Love this style, they seem to be worn by so many inspiring fashionistas lately. 

Gorgeous, Always wanted a pair of heels with thin straps.

Couldn't resist a pop of my favourite colour, but it also comes in black.

Tony Bianco Heels as modeled below. Gorgeous but probably not  for my age. Been seeing so many Victoria Secret models wear these type of heels and they make them so sexy! 

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  1. Thanks Ana!  The top of the dress was quite simple, with a heart shaped neckline and folds in the area to create texture.  It was the simplicity that made it seem so elegant to me. I really love the shoes in the 4th picture too, they are amazing. 

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

  2. Your dress seems to be very beautiful, I can't see very well the top but for what I see it looks pretty. I love the shoes in th 4th picture and the Tony Bianco shoes. They are so gorgeous and very seductive, mostly the shoes in 4th picture. I really would look tall if I wore them ;)
    Beijinhos ❤ kisses

  3. great paring with the dress :) u look very pretty!

    xxo Jess