Friday, 20 July 2012

Taylor's Style in MV 'Both of Us'

MTV goes through the TEN outfits that Taylor flaunts in her new music video with B.O.B for 'Both of Us'. Which one's you favourite? Out of the crazy ten outfits, my top three are these:


This look is so cheeky and feminine. The sheer short-sleeved cropped blouse over a floral top is my absolute favourite! Crop tops are so in trend right now and the see-through blouse if perfect for people like me who don't want to show too much. It's ultra fem!  


I love printed tops with skirts, so vintage :)


Denim shorts (which you can't see here) with an off-the-shoulder jumper and flower print tank top. So cute and casual.

See the music video below:
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So what are your thoughts on the video? ... the song? .... and the impressive ten outfits in 4mins?

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  1. Thank you! The song is very catchy, it is a very good choice to pair the two amazing artists. I love Taylor too, she is amazing. 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :D 

  2. I love the song, this is one of my favourite at the moment. I love Taylor voice, it's so soft, peacful and lovely. And the feature with B.O.B was a perfect idea, it was a great combination.It's really impressive how she wore ten outfits in only 4mins! I love the outfit which is your number one. This kind of top are absolutely a trend right now. The combination between the daring/sexy crop floral top and the see-through blouse is perfect. I like the dress in 1min11s and the outfit in 3min13s.Great post, beijinhos ;)