Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Want to look like a supermodel?

Even though the thought of modelling has been taken off my list of "want to become in the future" doesn't mean I don't want to look like them, especially have a body like theirs.

Now take note! The videos show HOW TO do the exercises, not HOW MUCH. They have excluded the fact that these supermodels live it, these exercises are their lifestyle and a part of their career. So if you're just going to do 30min once a week, well you might as well just save your breath. For best and fast results, maximise the amount you do. Their is no such thing as "a free lunch", you have to work for everything that's good in life and this is one of them.

ARMS: Doutzen

LEGS: Lindsay

GLUTES: Alessandra

CORE: Candice

The core is the one I am most focused in improving, toning my core so I lose the tummy fat.
Now the diet part is also a thing to look out for that they have omitted. Less salt, less sugar and less fat. Doesn't mean no salt, no sugar, no fat. Just substitute food for things that are healthier.

I am currently substituting my craving for sweet food with fruit and craving for savoury food with salted nuts. Although salted nuts are still high in salt, it is still better than chips and other fried food. But I'm pretty sure there is an even healthier substitute out there. Just not one my mind/stomach is willing to accept yet. When you really crave for something, you really crave for it, I know because I can relate so what I do is eat a really small portion of it. On small slice of cake, or two pieces of chip etc. It is really essential to eat slowly and indulge in it so you become more easily satisfied with less consuming. Sometimes distracting your cravings also work, but sometimes not (depending on how strong these cravings are).

Eat smaller but more meals, change that 3 meals a day thing. Snacking is actually good despite what others say, that's how the French do it. Snacking in between (or 'mealing' in between) actually allows your body to digest it and be at a satisfied state throughout the day so you won't end up 'binge'-ing on food during a meal.

Last but not least, stay motivated. How much 'you want it' means how much you will do it and effectively, whether you'll achieve it or not. Sorry to break your fantasy but there really is no easy shortcut to success.

Here's a short one of Miranda showing her workout:

If you have a healthy weight for your age/height then dieting is not about losing weight, it's about replacing the weight of the useless fat into muscle to look leaner. The misleading view that girls have in today's society is that dieting makes you look like a supermodel. WRONG. Simply dieting makes you look sick, as in anorexic. Doing workouts tones the body and it is this process which truly gives you the supermodel body.

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