Saturday, 14 April 2012

VS Makeup Tutorial

Never knew much about make up until two years ago when I had a formal event to attend to for school, i.e Year 11 Dinner Dance. These days I have been reading make up blogs and learning from other online sources and paying attention to the makeup on celebrities every where.

And until a few weeks ago when I had the MSU Red Carpet Event and my friend dragged me along to the Myer store to look for make up and supplies (she being an even more ignorant person to make up), we met a lady selling Dior products who taught us how to use the eye shadow palettes. Until then I had no idea how to work with the shades. Below is an even better tutorial on how to use those simple but fantastic palettes. It has even taught me how to use a mascara brush. I have learnt about the 'no pumping' rule, but I have never heard of using the tip of the brush like that before brushing all the lashes. Get inspired by the VS Dream Angels look!  

Here's something extra! Another make up tutorial by VS featuring Lindsay:

Lastly, my favourite video, because I just lovvvve Candice Swanepoel!

Never knew that the lips could be so much more complicated, too colours! Note: must try out using a lip liner!

I would also like to acknowledge that I have learnt a few things from Jen at her blog, From Head to Toe, especially the 'crease rule' where you don't apply the main eye shadow above the eyeball crease. You can see this rule being followed in all three of the VS make up tutorials above.

I hope you guys have learnt something new too!

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