Sunday, 1 April 2012

MSU Red Carpet

Formal shots before we left:
Me and my friend Narani! <3

This was the $400 Nicola Finetti dress I got for $50, it's so amazing! I thought that the heels are way too short but they are so much more comfortable to dance in. But next week I will be wearing the new blue killer heels! Keep updated, the Playboy Mansion themed party is next Thursday!

Less formal ones:
In the car going wild with excitement!

In the restroom, sounds better than saying in the toilet -_-

More from "The Restroom"

Shots in the car

There were some professional photographers there and they'll be uploading them onto Facebook so there should be some photos coming up. ;)  I had work yesterday so I arrived home at 5:30 and left, all dressed up, at 6:45. I think that will be the quickest time I will ever get ready in. I was going to do a low bun but my friend to tie a high pony tail and since it seemed easier and quite a good change I thought "Why not?". I thought being simple was really good.

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  1. nice shots! i like your dress, suit you well. :) the make up is lovely too