Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Style Inspiration: High Tops

Realised there's a pair of high tops I bought... last year? Or two years ago. They're pink and silver and I have no idea how to style them since my style has changed dramatically over the years. But internet fashion is amazing. So should get ready for a spam of images. 

Marc Jacobs has stood up and incorporated high tops with high fashion


And celebrities/models are wearing them too: Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Anne Hathaway, Anja Rubik, Beyonce, Alicia Keys.



And the spam continues...

Vogue and Elle editorials too.


Who says you can't look awesome without heels? I'm really loving them and might invest in a few more pair... but mine right now are silver, urgh. Not nice... Internet fashion cannot inspire any style into these outdated high tops I have. Well I hope my spam hasn't scared you away. 

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  1. Well your spam don't scared me :)
    I was missed because the school started today (thursday is a weird day to start but well, this is Portugal and everything is weird here lately...) and I was busy to prepare the new school year and enjoy the last days in home.

    I like high tops, you can wear them with any style. Even if you wear a blazer or something "chic" you can put in high tops because you will look great. You will look more relaxed and mild, and they are more comfortable than heels.

    Here in Portugal they are very popular. Girls of my age usually don't wear heels daily, just for a special occasion. And there are diverse types of style but all of them sometimes wear high tops and look fantastic. They still look faithful to their style and comfortable. And there are high tops for all tastes. And maybe you can find some pieces of your wardrobe to wear with silver high tops.

    I love the set of pictures you posted. I love Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goulart looks, they are so cool and fabulous.

    Beijinhos :)

  2. yeah, you have been missing for a while, was beginning to wonder why you have not posted anything new on you blog :) Glad you are back though!

    I'm really loving the black high tops though, very easy to pair with anything. Over here in Perth, Australia we don't wear heels daily either, especially not to university as it will appear too over the top, and attention-seeking. I like the effect high tops give, the sporty, edgy, casual look.

    Thanks for reading, hoping to read more posts from you <3