Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Outfits: You Know It's Spring

Just bought some new clothes, ready for Spring! My birthday month!
On that note, I'm so glad I don't have hay fever, so many people around me do and it seems like torture, sniffling 24/7. And flowers? Allergic to flowers? But they're so beautiful! I would hate to have hay fever.

Well here are two dresses I tried on (but did not buy). And two outfits I bought! :)


Time for some less professional shots from the fitting rooms. But don't worry, there's more professional ones at the end. 

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  1. Winter is good when you are in home lazing next to the fireplace and eating some thing warm (like in Christmas time) but when you have to wake up earlier and go out of your snug bed, it's so bad... It's really hard to start the day happy!
    About my blog, I really need to take some time off to make some posts, but school started and I also have given more attention to my tumblrs...But I will publish some find, I have to!
    Beijinhos :)

  2. Well then, I must keep in touch with you through your tumblr then :) but I don't have one myself. Never the less, I shall follow your updates through tumblr then

  3. I agree, converses combine well with almost any look. And thank you!
    Haha, my hair is glowing? My mum always says it looks dry, hearing you say this makes me happy. But don't worry, my hair only looks like that because of the light. There are so many good hair products these day I'm sure you can tame your hair to look great too :)
    I can never really stand the cold, it must be so much colder in Portugal than winter here. Don't miss the sun and heat too much, winter is a great time to do layering and show off some creativity :D
    Thank you so much! Still waiting for new posts from you though :)

  4. You have a great sense of style!I have been noticing that and I have to say that I really love the first and last outfits. And I love both pairs of Converse All-Star. I have some pairs too, they are so cool and they combine so well with many looks . The first shirt is soooo beautiful and also the blouse, I just love the pattern. And I agree with @EV
    I'm so jealous of your hair, it's so glowing, straight and so long. My hair is a mess, I use most of the times ponytail because it never look good!
    But I'm feel sad, here in Portugal is Autumn now, almost winter season, when it rain a lot and it's super cold. I think I'm start missing the sun and the heat :(Great post, I just love your blog. You always make posts so interesting and cool. Thanks for thatBeijinhos :)

  5. Super cute and fresh outfits~ I esp. love that green dress<3 (I'm such a sucker for that shade of green)~