Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Feelings of Love in Music

I don't know why I like him so much. I mean seriously, I've only seen him for two whole days and I've never encountered him again. It's been eight months and I'm still crazy about him.

by ~katrinzhidkova

I'm talking about the same guy that made be like tall guys, that made be like guys with monolids. The same guy that was in a relationship at the time. The same guy I wished all the best to with his 'current girlfriend at the time' (yes, he's single now).

Recounting from my post "Serious Feelings" on 6th of February 2012 I wrote the following words:

But sadly this cute guy has a girlfriend already so I wish him the best in his relationship. I really do. Even though I do wish that he was single... sigh. Now I'm just waiting for my eyes to wander towards someone else so I can get my mind off of him and don't be so sad. I know my eyes will wonder so no relationship for me yet, I need a few years for me to flirt and flaunt freely so all this eye wandering stuff will go away. But tall good looking 1.80m guys are hard to find, especially tall guys that have a good build and are not lanky/like-a-stick.

So here's a note to my destined one: 
Just give me a few years of partying and of finding myself before you come ask me the question. I should focus on my future career in this point in time.  

I don't think I've ever liked someone for so long without seeing them. I stopped thinking about him for a few months in between then and now because uni was taking its toll but now the thought of him is back. I think about him every night before I go to sleep. I know it's not love because love is when you love someone for both their good and bad. I don't know what his 'bad' qualities are. But the most I can say is... well this crush is serious. I wonder how long this crush will last. 

Or maybe it's just the songs I keep listening to, because they remind me of him, of his voice, of the two days we spent together (not alone though), and they have a more everlasting memory. Maybe because it's the fact that I have only seen him for two days so there's this perfect image I have of him in my mind. If I spend more time around/with him, I'll maybe realise all his flaws and stop liking him so much.

One of the songs that he sang was this one below. It's Chinese but I think people can appreciate it for it's cute music video and the translated lyrics. The title translated to English means 'Marry me Today', it's really sweet and meaningful.

Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the winter's pain
A light wind blows a breath of romance
Every love song suddenly is filled with meaning
At this point you suddenly appear before me
Flowers blossoming in spring takes away the bitter cold of the winter
A light breeze blows unexpected love [our way]
Birdsong draws us closer to each other
At this point I suddenly fall in love with you
Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, walk together, and create a happy life [together]

Yesterday you did not arrive on time, it would be a shame tomorrow, so will me marry me today?

Summer's kindness shifts spring's idleness
The sunshine illuminates the beauty of the family
Every love song will bring up memories
[I] think about how I met you that year
Grief in winter finishes autumn's loneliness
The breeze blows by withered yearning
The birdsong makes me not want to leave
I immediately desire your hug

Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, walk together with me [let's live] a peaceful life) 
Yesterday you did not arrive on time, it would be a shame tomorrow, so you shall marry me today
Listen to me, [let's] hold hands and walk together, surrender yourself completely to me)0}–Ê)`ÁÙ
Yesterday do not look back, we'll grow old [in the years to come], marry me today

Ding dong, listen to the church bells ring, god and our friends will all be here to witness us [get married]
Men and women now should marry each other

Do not forget just how sacred [marriage] is

You will for better for worse be with him together
Love them, respect them, comfort them and protect them
A couple together creates a happy family, are you willing to do this? Yes I do
Listen to me, [let's] hold hands, together to the end, surrender yourself completely to me
Yesterday was the past, tomorrow will be full of memories, marry me today
Marry me today, marry me today

I'm just amazed at the fact that he's now single. I've always believed in destiny, the fact that some things were already planned out and you can't run from it, whether that's love life, career or friendship. But I also believe that even though its planned out, us humans still have the power to change it, to take things in control and do what we need to do to set things right.

by ~Simon120188

I went on his facebook page and noticed he jokingly asked a girl for her mobile number. If he was still in a relationship he would not say that, especially since he has liked this page: 'if you can't stay faithful, dont be in a relationship. simple.' Also on his past girlfriend's facebook page (yes I went there) she commented on her own profile picture saying that this is her new indian boyfriend, probably jokingly as well, but if you're in a relationship you don't joke about that kind of stuff. Their relationship is definitely over. I'm so crazy I've went into the boundaries of facebook. It's sad, I know, but I can't help it. Someone pull me back. Please.

This doesn't mean I have a chance though, he probably doesn't even remember me... sighh... I really need to stop listening to the songs that remind me of him. I must forget him. It's the only way out of this one-sided crush. 

by ~emauz

But before I brainwash myself, I want to make one last list of all the things I like about him:

1. He's tall

2. He's cute

3. He musical (he plays the saxophone and I play the piano)
Funny that this should be so because on one of the days we were together, at a restaurant there were two people, male on saxophone and female on keyboard, performing. These small things is what's so crazy about me.

4. He's Chinese (well enough of it at least, apparently he's a bit Korean too)

5. He's faithful (from his facebook page, I assumed it's a good representative of him but assuming this is risky) I'm always scared of guys who are not faithful, having witnessed a few in my 17 years of life

6. He's older than me (Interesting that I should include this, but my mum has always told me to find someone older since women age quicker than men so if he was the same age or younger, I will look like his mother. This boy is 8 years older than me, enough for my age appearance not to catch up to his and enough for him not to look like my father.)  

7. He likes things I like
-Music and Singers e.g. R&B, hiphop, taiwanese music, korean music...
-Sport i.e basketball (which is really similar to the sport used to play: netball, plus I love the style of basketballers)
- Travelling (I love photography and would love to travel, these two things come hand in hand, the two days I was with him, he was taking photos of absolutely everything, even dim-sum menus which I found was so cute)
-Sports Cars (I like guys who love cars since my brothers love cars too so I know I thing or two about cars)
-Karaoke (I love singing, and in my piano lessons we learn about pitch so I'm not too bad myself, we went karaoke together with my relatives and he was a really dreamy singer with a voice like Jay Chou)

But then he also liked:
-Wittner (for women's shoes)
-Mimco (for females clothing) and wait for it
-Durex? (for contraception)

Either some friend went on his facebook to pull pranks on him which he still hasn't realised, or his girlfriend accidentally used his facebook and liked the pages, or his facebook page is not a reliable source to know more about him, or simply, he's not the right guy for me...
I'll try and believe the last one, that way it's easier for me to forget him. 

Coincidence that my list ends at 7. Reminds me of Mylie Cyrus' 7 Things:


I really need to focus on building myself, these 'love' thing really blurs the perspective I have on my own future. Time to stop listening to songs about him, and about strong women instead:

I hope this will be the last post I have about him. This really needs to stop. No one would want to, or really need to, know about such a childish meaningless matter. 

Another way to forget? Let my eyes wander. Here's the new song from Beast for those interested in Kpop. After that one hit sensation of "Gangnam Style", probably Kpop is getting more recognised. 

Anyway, I really like this song, it's very catchy, reminds me of one of the Gorillaz's songs. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

Let my eyes wonder? Here's a few that might keep 'him' off my mind.

Korean Boy: Dongwoon from Beast

Taiwanese/America-born Boy: Leehom Wang the talented Singer/Musician

Taiwanese/Brunei-born boy: Wu Chun from Fahrenheit

There, that should do. 

On a last note: my study break has ended, today is the last day and back to university tomorrow so I won't be posting such long posts anymore. Some good news, I've finally come around working on my Infatuations blog. Haven't posted anything yet but I've finished two posts that I will finally let out in January 2013! Be excited! It's going to be pretty special.

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  1. I think you didn't overcome this yet because you hadn't the opportunity to see if things would match between you both. And I know what I'm saying, sadly...But think you have two paths to choose: you can try talk to him, since you know his facebook or try to move on. But if you ask me how to move on, I don't know! Sometimes I think you only will can move on if you someone appear in your life and make you forget him, unless you will still think about him and imagine how thing would be if you had the chance to try to be happy with him. I know, it's sounds so unfair! Why we can just forget it and live our lifes?! It's so complicate, it seems someone catched your heart and they forgot to give it back!

    Well, I have a story with some resemblance to your, so here is my story (if I can really say it is a story). There was a guy and we were closed, and one day he said he was in love with me. And I was, what?! I had never looked at him in that way, he was just a friend to me. But some time after, I just realise I was starting love him back, but it was too late, he moved on and he was in a relationship. This happened almost 3 years ago (yes, 3 years!), and I still think about him every single day, and worse is I see him everyday! And I never said I love him back, and I keep thinking how it would be if I had talked to him when he broke up with is gf (they aren't anymore together). I really should had talked to him and maybe now we were together and happy! But my story is not a fairy tale and it hasn't an happy end!

    I think everything happens for a reason and you have to learn with every situation, specially when things went bad. And I think the lesson I should take from this is don't have afraid to show off your feelings, at least you try and you know you do everything you can. It would be more easier to move on if you felt you did what you could.

    But, well, I'm talking to much about me! People say time is the best cure, maybe they are right. Time will make you forget him. But you should stop listening the songs which reminds him, it's worse. But the chinese song is so beautiful, their voice is peacful and calm. And I take a peep at the lyrics, and you need to stop listening it! And they are right "Every love song suddenly is filled with meaning" so you should try listening songs not so much romantic and meaningful (if you find some which don't remind him!). And I love Miley's song but it is a while since last time I heard it (and I have to say when I was alone I used to sing the song just like the girls in the video - embarrassing!), and he really makes me love him! I'm addictive on "Girls on Fire", the lyric is so strong and powerful. And it have so inspirational sentences, such as "Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away". It gives me strengths to fight for what I want,(good grades mainly because I really care much with my future).

    Beijinhos and hope you find a happy end for your story (with or without him)

  2. That is a really sad story. Is it really too late? Now that he's broken up with the girl?

    The guy I like has never said he liked me, it was only two days and I don't think I had any impact on him at all, no way as great as his impact on me. I don't think he remembers me at all, it's always just been one-sided from my part. It will be stupid for me to show my feelings towards someone who I know won't feel the same. I'll just have to take plan B and forget him.

    For you its different, he said he was in love with you! But then he seemed to have moved on quite quickly onto another girl so maybe he wasn't too serious. Then again only you will be able to know if what he said was really true. Did he really love you, or did he simply 'like' you? For me, I'm too safe, if someone said he loved me I won't believe it, but no one has said that to me before and maybe if someone really does, it's a whole lot different to how I picture it. Also, what was the reason they broke up? Was he not a good bf or was she not a good gf? Find his flaws to get over him.

    For me, I can't find the guy's flaw because to be truthful, I really don't know him that well which is why I think I'm really stupid for liking him so much. Thank you for your blessings and I will return yours. I really hope you will be able to either be with him or forget him (3 years is really a lot!)

    And thank you for sharing your story. This blog would benefits from stories from other people, rather than it being about mine all the time. I can maybe learn from yours if I ever meet a guy who says he loves me.