Sunday, 16 September 2012

Emma & Andrew's Message to the Paparazzi

When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield found themselves being photographed having lunch in New York yesterday, they took matters into their own hands with some personal scrawls for the paps to focus on.

emma stone and andrew garfield signs for the paparazzi

emma stone paparazzi sign

andrew garfield paparazzi sign

I just want to say, they are REALLY awesome! Which reminds me, I haven't even watched their Spiderman movie yet! Must get to it after my mid semester exams, been wanting to watch it for a while.

They're my new role models now. Truly. What amazing people!

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  1. That is a brilliant idea! They are so amazing, if it happens with other celebs they would run away or try look beautiful and pose for the pictures. They just took the opportunity to help who really need. I searched and Gilda's Club NYC is a community which help and support people with cancer and their family. I just hope their goal has been achieved.

    In these last times I'm been watching many movies about charity and about the problems people suffer in some countries less developed as in Africa for example. They live with so many problems that we can't even imagine! The last movie I watch was "Desert Flower". It's a very strong story and the worst is the story is real (it's about a somali model and female genital mutilation she and all women from her ethnicity suffer. This let me thinking I should do something for the world instead only take care about my "own world". There are so many people who need help and if everyone do something we can make the difference. I don't know exactly what to do but I wanna move from words to actions!

    And I didn't watch Spider Man movie too :( I need to find some free time to go watch, it's said it's a very good movie.


  2. Good on you for wanting to move words to actions! No matter what you do, whether large or small, they will make changes that will be appreciated, just like Emma and Andrew's small actions. I'd prefer hands on helping rather than donations because then you could actually feel the change that you are creating. But donations are none the less a simple but effective way of helping.

  3. hahha that's a cute sign !


  4. haha, it is and I love them for that. Thanks for stopping by and commenting (: