Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Purple Night Sky

If you read my blog frequently, you would have realised by now that I really, really, REALLY love my bargains. Now there, who doesn't love bargains. For me, I won't buy anything expensive unless there's a bargain. Example? This dress I'm wearing is T by BETTINA LIANO, original price at $119, sale and then sale AGAIN until it's only $35. Like really? Amazing! It's low cut at the front and the back. The front has mesh covering the deep V but the back is bare. I'm wearing it like it is here but for my friend's 18th this Saturday I won't be so daring. I'll be wearing a low black singlet underneath. 

And then there's the heels, love? It's Tony Bianco's Nala heels that I talked about a few posts ago. They were also purchased at a discount price online. I would never buy heels this expensive (a little over $100 after discount) but because they're my go-to black heels, I was willing to splash a bit more cash on them than I would usually. 

I really hope the weather this Saturday night won't be bad as the weather yesterday and today, it's all stormy and cold. My friend has planned for us to go out for dinner to celebrate her birthday and then Karaoke afterwards (yes, we're quite Asian, but her and I aren't Asian enough, it's going to be our first time going out for Karaoke) and then around 11pm the rest of them will be heading to the nightclubs whilst I will go home. Why am I such a good girl? Not really, only because I'm not 18 yet. My birthday is on the last day of November and most of my friends are 18 already, but I don't mind, I used to care, but I've learnt to really love being the younger one. It's not too long to go before I turn 18 anyway.  

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