Monday, 8 July 2013

DT: 12 Things I Like About Him

I've made a decision and I'm not sure if it's good or bad, time will tell which one it is. But either way, it's one decision I want to keep, no matter what. One that I will never regret.

The reasons why I accepted him.

1. He is a family person to a good extent, and I am a huge family person so there's understanding there.
2. He is honest, even with things that make him look bad and puts him at a disadvantage. And with my insecurity issues, that's exactly what I need.
3. He is spontaneous and crazy which makes him quite funny, I need that in my overly structured and planned life. 
4. He is more emotional than general guys, making it easier for him to understand my emotional issues. 
5. He is hard working and can endure pain (from what I see in his journey of weight-loss) which are great characteristics for ambitious people (not yet sure what his ambitions are but I admire ambitious people). He may not be studying to be lawyer, doctor or engineer or anything prestigious but he has the traits to get him the same prestige as longs as he wants it. 
6. He is sporty, loves basketball and tall (I have a crazy thing for basketball players)
7. He comes from the same hometown so we have a connection there. He speaks the same languages as me and my family, so communication will be easy. 
8. He did law and economics and chemistry in high school, he tutors too, so I assume he's quite intelligent. Intelligence is an attractive trait for me.  
9. He's a decision maker in his group of friends, so he will be great as I have a distaste towards decision-making.
10. Confidence, he confuses me here, sometimes he seems to be confident but around me he's always been quite shy, hoping it's just me that makes him feel uneasy which in it's own way is very cute. But I love a confident guy.
11. He trusts me. I can feel it. The things he tells me, he says he's never told anyone else before. It might be just all talk, I don't know whether what he's saying is true or not but I feel it is. And I feel like I trust him.
12.Most importantly, he really likes me. He jumped around his backyard for 10min when he found out I liked him. And even after hurting him with my insecurities and confusion, he came back. If I was a boy I would just leave her and her problems, I wouldn't want to be associated with it. But he doesn't seemed scared that it might be a burden.  

by ~WelcomeHomeJane

I may have wanted a man and not a boy, but it will be nice to experience puppy love and do silly immature things together that you can't do with a mature person. We will watch each other grow into mature adults. I have faith that things will be just fine. This post is written for my future self, when things get hard, to remind me why I have made such a decision, and to keep having faith that things will be just fine.   

I think the message of the daily thinker is really great, it can be applied to all big decisions. It will help ourselves in the future, save us from regret or from giving up.

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