Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DT: Avoid Over Thinking

Funny that the daily thinker today is one that tells you not to think.
Hmmm, something ironic about that.

Anyway. I've chosen to share this DT today because lately I realised something new. I mean I always knew I overthink but I never truly saw it as a bad thing, as a problem. It's my way or surviving, of preventing myself from getting hurt. But it's only a good thing to overthink when what you think is correct, not when you're thinking the wrong thing. Like assuming the wrong things. I read too much into everything, thinking that everything I read is the truth when it's just my interpretation of something. The thought finally came into my mind that some things that I assume to be the truth may be wrong. Maybe I have been reading too much into something that it's no longer protecting me but hurting me. 

There needs to be a balance. 
A balance between how much and how far you should read into something. 
Try not to cross the line and end up hurting yourself and those around you. 

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