Saturday, 29 March 2014

It just didn't work.

Summer collection by dinabelenko
by dinabelenko

Understand this.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Or him.
Nothing is wrong with anyone.

When someone falls out of love with you, it's hard.
We tend to think crazy things, that we are simply unlovable.
He seems perfect, you feel perfect, so why can't this be perfect?

We fail to think that they fell out of love with you
simply because he's not meant for you.
That you two simply don't connect well.
Instead we search within, thinking the problem is there.

Nothing's wrong, not him, not you. 
It's the connection. 
It just didn't work.
Simple as that.

There's only one person in the world,
who can love you the way you're meant to be loved.
This guy's just not the one. 
Understand this, part ways happily,
and be glad for the short joy he brought.

Don't be sad when he replaces you,
don't be jealous if he finds the one he connects with
before you do.

He once loved you, you once loved him. 
But it wasn't right.
You deserve love, from the right person...
but so does he.

When his time comes, be happy for him.
Because you would hope, when your time comes,
he'd be happy for you too.

by Foba

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