Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Only Human

Music is always so beautiful, expressing feelings you thought
unexpressable, communicating messages so lovely to the
ear. Eliciting thoughts and emotions you never
 knew were there. That's music. And Christina Perri is a
 musician that creates such magic.

by ElenaKalis

My little brother walked into my room as I was on my laptop and told me to open up a tab. He typed in something and just told me to listen to it, "I think you'll like it," he said. And indeed he was right. Christina Perri's new song 'Human' is so tragically beautiful. And the visual expression of the song is nothing short from the beauty of the song itself either. A minimalist music video. So simple. So moving. And it is usually the simpler things that draw such deep responses from me.   
I don't want to think of the song as just another melody of a lover's heartbreak. Being only human means we shouldn't push ourselves too far sometimes, love, study or career-wise. And being an ambitious Sagittarius, who's known for being unemotional, I fail to understand that it's okay to break down sometimes, to 'feel'. Certain emotions make you understand certain things. We have emotions for a reason. And it's okay to feel the bad ones sometimes, as long as we don't let it control us.

On a side note, after listening to Christina Perri's new song, I came across a link to a song called 'Dear No One' by Tori Kelly. I've never heard of her before but after listening to this song, I fell in love with her voice. Her voice reminds me of singer Jo Jo from back when I was in primary school. Wherever she went.
The song, 'Dear No One' speaks to me too: wanting to be independent, but also not wanting to be alone, yet understanding I must wait, and it will be worth the wait. I guess overall the song is alright. I enjoyed it, nothing amazing but she is a new artist and her voice is beautiful. But back to that Christina song. Gosh!

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